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  • در فرو بست آن زن و خر را کشید  ** شادمانه لاجرم کیفر چشید 
  • Femina januam clausit asinumque animo gaudente attraxit: necessario poenam gustavit. [The woman shut the (stable) door and drew the ass (to her) joyfully; necessarily, she tasted the penalty (for her shameful behavior).]
  • در میان خانه آوردش کشان  ** خفت اندر زیر آن نر خر ستان 
  • In medium stabulum eum trahendo duxit: sub asino decubuit supina [Pulling, she brought it into the middle of the stable: she lay down on (her) back under the male ass]
  • هم بر آن کرسی که دید او از کنیز  ** تا رسد در کام خود آن قحبه نیز 
  • In eadem sella quam viderat ab ancilla (adhibitam), ut ista meretrix quoque voto potiretur. [On the same chair that she saw (used) by the maidservant in order to attain her desire; that whore (did) also.]
  • پا بر آورد و خر اندر ویی سپوخت  ** آتشی از کیر خر در وی فروخت  1385
  • Pedem sustulit, asinus (veretrum) in eam trusit: asini veretro ignis in ea accensus est. [She raised (her) feet and the ass thrust (its penis) into her; a fire (of lust) was kindled in her by the ass’s penis.]
  • خر مدب گشته در خاتون فشرد  ** تا بخایه در زمان خاتون بمرد 
  • Cum asinus eruditus esset, in hera infixit (veretrum) usque ad testiculos: simul hera periit. [The ass had been trained; it pressed (its penis) into the lady up to (its) testicles: the lady died at once.]
  • بر درید از زخم کیر خر جگر  ** روده‌ها بسکسته شد از همدگر 
  • Jecur ejus veretri verbere discissum, viscera inter se dirupta. [(Her) liver was torn by the blow of the ass’s penis; (her) intestines were torn away from each other. ]
  • دم نزد در حال آن زن جان بداد  ** کرسی از یک‌سو زن از یک‌سو فتاد 
  • Extemplo femina, nulla voce facta, animam reddidit: hinc cecidit sella, illinc femina. [She did not utter (anything): the woman gave up (her) soul at once. The chair fell to one side, the woman to (the other) side.]
  • صحن خانه پر ز خون شد زن نگون  ** مرد او و برد جان ریب المنون 
  • Area stabuli sanguine plena, femina inverso capite prostrata: periit, animamque ejus abripuit Fati calamitas. [The floor of the stable became filled with blood, the woman (lay) prostrate: she died and the calamities (of Fate) took (her) life. ]
  • مرگ بد با صد فضیحت ای پدر  ** تو شهیدی دیده‌ای از کیر خر  1390
  • Ecce mors nefanda cum centum opprobriis, O pater: num vidisti (quemquam) de veretro asini martyrem? [An abominable death with a hundred disgraces, O father: have you (ever) seen a martyr (slain) by an ass’s penis?]
  • تو عذاب الخزی بشنو از نبی  ** در چنین ننگی مکن جان را فدی 
  • Hear from the Qur’án (what is) the torment of disgrace: do not sacrifice your life in such a shameful cause.