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  • زان شود هر دوست آن ساعت عدو  ** که بت تو بود و از ره مانع او 
  • In that hour every friend will become your foe, because (in the world) he was your idol and one who hindered (you) from (following) the (right) Way.
  • روی از نقاش رو می‌تافتی  ** چون ز نقشی انس دل می‌یافتی 
  • You were averting your face from the Painter of the face, since you were gaining heart's delight from a (mere) picture.
  • این دم ار یارانت با تو ضد شوند  ** وز تو برگردند و در خصمی روند 
  • If at this (present) time your friends become hostile to you and turn aside from you and quarrel (with you),
  • هین بگو نک روز من پیروز شد  ** آنچ فردا خواست شد امروز شد 
  • Take heed and say, “Lo, my fortune is triumphant: that which would have happened to-morrow (at the Last Judgement) has happened to-day.
  • ضد من گشتند اهل این سرا  ** تا قیامت عین شد پیشین مرا  1505
  • The people of this caravanseray (the world) have become my enemies, in order that the Resurrection might be made clearly visible to me beforehand,
  • پیش از آنک روزگار خود برم  ** عمر با ایشان به پایان آورم 
  • Ere I should lose my time and associate with them to the end of my life.
  • کاله‌ی معیوب بخریده بدم  ** شکر کز عیبش بگه واقف شدم 
  • I had bought defective goods: thanks (to God) that I have become aware of their defectiveness in time,
  • پیش از آن کز دست سرمایه شدی  ** عاقبت معیوب بیرون آمدی 
  • Ere the stock-in-trade should go out of my hands and finally come forth (be exposed) as defective.
  • مال رفته عمر رفته ای نسیب  ** ماه و جان داده پی کاله‌ی معیب 
  • My wealth was (all but) gone, my life was (all but) gone, O man of noble lineage: I had (all but) given away my wealth and life for damaged goods.
  • رخت دادم زر قلبی بستدم  ** شاد شادان سوی خانه می‌شدم  1510
  • I sold my merchandise, I received base gold: I was going home in great jubilation.