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  • That Lion will tear him to pieces, as (he tore) the wolf, and will recite to him (the text) So we took vengeance upon them.
  • همچو گرگ آن شیر بردراندش ** فانتقمنا منهم بر خواندش‌‌
  • He will suffer blows, like the wolf, from the Lion's paw: foolish is he that waxed bold in the presence of the Lion.
  • زخم یابد همچو گرگ از دست شیر ** پیش شیر ابله بود کاو شد دلیر
  • Would that those blows fell upon the body, so that it might be that (the sinner's) faith and heart would be safe! 3135
  • کاشکی آن زخم بر تن آمدی ** تا بدی کایمان و دل سالم بدی‌‌
  • My power is broken (fails me) on reaching this point: how can I declare this mystery?
  • قوتم بگسست چون اینجا رسید ** چون توانم کرد این سر را پدید
  • Make little of your bellies, like that fox: do not play fox's tricks in His presence.
  • همچو آن روبه کم اشکم کنید ** پیش او روباه بازی کم کنید
  • Lay the whole of your “we” and “I” before Him: the kingdom is His kingdom: give the kingdom to Him.
  • جمله ما و من به پیش او نهید ** ملک ملک اوست ملک او را دهید
  • When ye become poor (selfless) in the right Way, verily the Lion and the Lion's prey are yours,
  • چون فقیر آیید اندر راه راست ** شیر و صید شیر خود آن شماست‌‌
  • Because He is holy, and Glory is His attribute: He hath no need of good things and kernel or rind. 3140
  • ز آنکه او پاک است و سبحان وصف اوست ** بی‌‌نیاز است او ز نغز و مغز و پوست‌‌
  • Every prize and every gift of grace that exists is for the sake of the servants of that King (God).
  • هر شکار و هر کراماتی که هست ** از برای بندگان آن شه است‌‌
  • The King hath no desire (for anything): He hath made all this empire for His creatures. Happy is he that knew!
  • نیست شه را طمع بهر خلق ساخت ** این همه دولت خنک آن کاو شناخت‌‌