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  • When the master put a spade in the slave's hand, his object was made known to him (the slave) without (a word falling from his) tongue.
  • خواجه چون بیلی به دست بنده داد ** بی‌‌زبان معلوم شد او را مراد
  • Hand and spade alike are His (God's) implicit signs; (our powers of) thinking upon the end are His explicit declarations.
  • دست همچون بیل اشارتهای اوست ** آخر اندیشی عبارتهای اوست‌‌
  • When you take His signs to heart (and) devote your life to fulfilling that indication (of His will),
  • چون اشارتهاش را بر جان نهی ** در وفای آن اشارت جان دهی‌‌
  • Then He will give you many hints (for the understanding) of mysteries, He will remove the burden from you and give you (spiritual) authority. 935
  • پس اشارتهای اسرارت دهد ** بار بر دارد ز تو کارت دهد
  • Do you bear (His burden)? He will cause you to be borne (aloft). Do you receive (His commands)? He will cause you to be received (into His favour).
  • حاملی محمول گرداند ترا ** قابلی مقبول گرداند ترا
  • If you accept His command, you will become the spokesman (thereof); if you seek union (with Him), thereafter you will become united.
  • قابل امر ویی قایل شوی ** وصل جویی بعد از آن واصل شوی‌‌
  • Free-will is the endeavour to thank (God) for His beneficence: your necessitarianism is the denial of that beneficence.
  • سعی شکر نعمتش قدرت بود ** جبر تو انکار آن نعمت بود
  • Thanksgiving for the power (of acting freely) increases your power; necessitarianism takes the (Divine) gift (of free-will) out of your hand.
  • شکر قدرت قدرتت افزون کند ** جبر نعمت از کفت بیرون کند
  • Your necessitarianism is (like) sleeping on the road: do not sleep! Sleep not, until you see the gate and the threshold! 940
  • جبر تو خفتن بود در ره مخسب ** تا نبینی آن در و درگه مخسب‌‌
  • Beware! do not sleep, O inconsiderate sluggard, save underneath that fruit-laden tree,
  • هان مخسب ای جبری بی‌‌اعتبار ** جز به زیر آن درخت میوه‌‌دار