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  • This discourse hath no end. That dervish, through hunger, became feeble and his body a prisoner.
  • این سخن پایان ندارد آن فقیر ** از مجاعت شد زبون و تن اسیر
  • How the dervish became weak-kneed on plucking the pears from the tree, and how God’s chastisement came (upon him) without delay.
  • مضطرب شدن فقیر نذر کرده بکندن امرود از درخت و گوشمال حق رسیدن بی مهلت
  • For five days the wind did not cause a single pear to drop, and on account of the fire (pangs) of hunger his patience was fleeing (deserting him).
  • پنج روز آن باد امرودی نریخت ** ز آتش جوعش صبوری می‌گریخت
  • He espied several pears on a bough, (but) once more he acted with patience and restrained himself.
  • بر سر شاخی مرودی چند دید ** باز صبری کرد و خود را وا کشید
  • The wind came and lowered the end of the bough and caused his carnal nature to prevail for the eating of that (fruit).
  • باد آمد شاخ را سر زیر کرد ** طبع را بر خوردن آن چیر کرد
  • Hunger and weakness and the strength of pull and (the might of) Destiny made the ascetic unfaithful to his vow. 1675
  • جوع و ضعف و قوت جذب و قضا ** کرد زاهد را ز نذرش بی‌وفا
  • When he had plucked fruit from the pear-tree, he became frail (false) in his vow and promise.
  • چونک از امرودبن میوه سکست ** گشت اندر نذر وعهد خویش سست
  • At the same instant God’s chastisement arrived: it opened his eye and pulled his ear.
  • هم درآن دم گوشمال حق رسید ** چشم او بگشاد و گوش او کشید
  • How the Shaykh was suspected of being in company with thieves and had his hand cut off.
  • متهم کردن آن شیخ را با دزدان وبریدن دستش را
  • In that place there were twenty thieves and more, dividing the things they had stolen.
  • بیست از دزدان بدند آنجا و بیش ** بخش می‌کردند مسروقات خویش
  • The perfect had been apprised by an informer: the prefect’s men quickly fell upon them.
  • شحنه را غماز آگه کرده بود ** مردم شحنه بر افتادند زود
  • He (the officer in charge) cut off on the spot the left feet and right hands of them all, and a great hubbub arose. 1680
  • هم بدان‌جا پای چپ و دست راست ** جمله را ببرید و غوغایی بخاست