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  • Heedlessness (delusion), then, is in sooth the pillar (support) of this world: what is dawlat (worldly fortune)? for this dawádaw (running to and fro) is (accompanied) with lat (blows). 1330
  • پس ستون این جهان خود غفلتست ** چیست دولت کین دوادو با لتست
  • The beginning thereof is daw, daw (run, run); in the end (it is) lat khwar (suffer blows): the death of the ass is not (occurring) except in this wilderness.
  • اولش دو دو به آخر لت بخور ** جز درین ویرانه نبود مرگ خر
  • Whenever thou hast earnestly taken a work in hand, its faultiness has become veiled to thee at this moment.
  • تو به جد کاری که بگرفتی به دست ** عیبش این دم بر تو پوشیده شدست
  • Thou art able to give thyself up to the work, (only) because the Creator veils its faultiness from thee.
  • زان همی تانی بدادن تن به کار ** که بپوشید از تو عیبش کردگار
  • Likewise, (with) every thought in which thou art hot (eager), the faultiness of that thought of thine has become hidden from thee.
  • همچنین هر فکر که گرمی در آن ** عیب آن فکرت شدست از تو نهان
  • If its faultiness and disgrace were made visible to thee, thy soul would flee from it (as far as) the distance between east and west. 1335
  • بر تو گر پیدا شدی زو عیب و شین ** زو رمیدی جانت بعد المشرقین
  • The state (of mind) in which at last thou repentest of it (of a faulty action)—if this should be thy state (of mind) at first, how wouldst thou run (for the sake of that action)?
  • حال که آخر زو پشیمان می‌شوی ** گر بود این حال اول کی دوی
  • Therefore He (God) at first veiled (the real nature of) that from our souls, in order that we might perform that action in accordance with the Divine destiny.
  • پس بپوشید اول آن بر جان ما ** تا کنیم آن کار بر وفق قضا
  • When the Divine destiny brought its ordainment into view, the eye was opened, so that repentance arrived.
  • چون قضا آورد حکم خود پدید ** چشم وا شد تا پشیمانی رسید
  • This repentance is another (manifestation of the) Divine destiny: abandon this repentance, worship God!
  • این پشیمانی قضای دیگرست ** این پشیمانی بهل حق را پرست