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  • He replied, “’Twas the grace of God, who deals justice; else I am worse than what has been said (of me). 2300
  • گفت بد فضل خدای دادگر  ** ورنه زآنچم گفته شد هستم بتر 
  • Why should absolution be begged of me? for I am the most sinful of (all) the people in the world.
  • چه حلالی خواست می‌باید ز من  ** که منم مجرم‌تر اهل زمن 
  • The evil they spoke of me is (but) a hundredth part (of that which I have committed): this is clearly known to me, if any one has a doubt (concerning it).
  • آنچ گفتندم ز بد از صد یکیست  ** بر من این کشفست ار کس را شکیست 
  • What does any one know of me but a little—(what but) one of my thousand sins and evil deeds?
  • کس چه می‌داند ز من جز اندکی  ** از هزاران جرم و بد فعلم یکی 
  • I know, and He who draws a veil (of concealment) over me (knows) my sins and the wickedness of my conduct.
  • من همی دانم و آن ستار من  ** جرمها و زشتی کردار من 
  • At first an Iblís was my teacher; afterwards Iblís was (mere) wind in comparison with me. 2305
  • اول ابلیسی مرا استاد بود  ** بعد از آن ابلیس پیشم باد بود 
  • God saw all that (iniquity), (but) made as though He saw it not, lest I should be openly dishonoured by its exposure.
  • حق بدید آن جمله را نادیده کرد  ** تا نگردم در فضیحت روی‌زرد 
  • Moreover, (the Divine) Mercy exercised the furrier's craft on me and bestowed on me a repentance sweet as life.
  • باز رحمت پوستین دوزیم کرد  ** توبه‌ی شیرین چو جان روزیم کرد 
  • Whatever (ill deeds) I had done, it took them as not having been done; and my undone (acts of) obedience it took as having been performed.
  • هر چه کردم جمله ناکرده گرفت  ** طاعت ناکرده آورده گرفت 
  • It made me free (pure and noble) as the cypress and the lily; it made me glad of heart as fortune and felicity.
  • هم‌چو سرو و سوسنم آزاد کرد  ** هم‌چو بخت و دولتم دلشاد کرد