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  • So far as you can, endeavour to satisfy the Qutb, so that he may gain strength and hunt the wild beasts. 2340
  • تا توانی در رضای قطب کوش  ** تا قوی گردد کند صید وحوش 
  • When he is ailing, the people remain unfed, for all food provided for the gullet comes from the hand of reason,
  • چو برنجد بی‌نوا مانند خلق  ** کز کف عقلست جمله رزق حلق 
  • Since the ecstasies (spiritual experiences) of the people are (only) his leavings. Keep this (in mind), if your heart desires the (spiritual) prey.
  • زانک وجد حلق باقی خورد اوست  ** این نگه دار ار دل تو صیدجوست 
  • He is like the reason, and the people are like the members of the body: the management of the body depends on the reason.
  • او چو عقل و خلق چون اعضا و تن  ** بسته‌ی عقلست تدبیر بدن 
  • The weakness of the Qutb is bodily, not spiritual: the weakness lies in the Ship (Ark), not in Noah.
  • ضعف قطب از تن بود از روح نی  ** ضعف در کشتی بود در نوح نی 
  • The Qutb is he who turns round himself, (while) round him is the revolution of the celestial spheres. 2345
  • قطب آن باشد که گرد خود تند  ** گردش افلاک گرد او بود 
  • Lend some assistance in repairing his (bodily) ship, if you have become his favourite slave and devoted servant.
  • یاریی ده در مرمه‌ی کشتی‌اش  ** گر غلام خاص و بنده گشتی‌اش 
  • Your assistance is (really) advantageous to you, not to him: God hath said, “If ye help God, ye will be helped.”
  • یاریت در تو فزاید نه اندرو  ** گفت حق ان تنصروا الله تنصروا 
  • Hunt like the fox and sacrifice your prey to him (the Qutb), that you may gain in return a thousand preys and more.
  • هم‌چو روبه صید گیر و کن فداش  ** تا عوض گیری هزاران صید بیش 
  • The prey caught by the (obedient) disciple is (presented alive) after the manner of the fox, (but) the froward hyena catches prey (that is already) dead.
  • روبهانه باشد آن صید مرید  ** مرده گیرد صید کفتار مرید