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  • While to him whose eye has not beheld those (beauteous) cheeks this smoky heat is (appears to be) the spirit. 595
  • وانک چشم او ندیدست آن رخان  ** پیش او جانست این تف دخان 
  • Inasmuch as he never saw ‘Umar (ibn) ‘Abdu ’l-‘Azíz, to him even Hajjáj seems just.
  • چون ندید او عمر عبدالعزیز  ** پیش او عادل بود حجاج نیز 
  • Inasmuch as he never saw the firmness (unshakable strength) of the dragon of Moses, he fancies (there is) life in the magic cords.
  • چون ندید او مار موسی را ثبات  ** در حبال سحر پندارد حیات 
  • The bird that has never drunk the limpid water keeps its wings and feathers in the briny water.
  • مرغ کو ناخورده است آب زلال  ** اندر آب شور دارد پر و بال 
  • No opposite can be known except through its opposite: (only) when he (any one) suffers blows will he know (the value of) kindness.
  • جز به ضد ضد را همی نتوان شناخت  ** چون ببیند زخم بشناسد نواخت 
  • Consequently the present life has come in front (first), in order that you may appreciate the realm of Alast. 600
  • لاجرم دنیا مقدم آمدست  ** تا بدانی قدر اقلیم الست 
  • When you are delivered from this place and go to that place, you will give thanks (to God) in the sugar-shop of everlastingness.
  • چون ازینجا وا رهی آنجا روی  ** در شکرخانه‌ی ابد شاکر شوی 
  • You will say, ‘There (in the world below) I was sifting dust, I was fleeing from this pure world.
  • گویی آنجا خاک را می‌بیختم  ** زین جهان پاک می‌بگریختم 
  • Alas, would that I had died ere now, so that my (time of) being tormented in the mud might have been less!’
  • ای دریغا پیش ازین بودیم اجل  ** تا عذابم کم بدی اندر وجل 
  • Commentary on the saying of the Prophet, on whom be peace, “None ever died without wishing, if he was a righteous man, that he had died before he (actually) died, in order that he might sooner attain unto felicity; and if he was a wicked man, in order that his wickedness might be less.”
  • در تفسیر قول رسول علیه‌السلام ما مات من مات الا و تمنی ان یموت قبل ما مات ان کان برا لیکون الی وصول البر اعجل و ان کان فاجرا لیقل فجوره 
  • Hence the wise Prophet has said that no one who dies and dismounts from (the steed of) the body
  • زین بفرمودست آن آگه رسول  ** که هر آنک مرد و کرد از تن نزول