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  • قطره‌‌ی دل را یکی گوهر فتاد ** کان به دریاها و گردونها نداد
  • (But) into the blood-drop (core) of the heart there fell a jewel which He (God) gave not to the seas and skies.
  • چند صورت آخر ای صورت پرست ** جان بی‌‌معنیت از صورت نرست‌‌
  • How long (this regard for) form? After all, O form-worshipper, has thy reality-lacking soul not (yet) escaped from form?
  • گر به صورت آدمی انسان بدی ** احمد و بو جهل خود یکسان بدی‌‌
  • If a human being were a man in virtue of form, Ahmad (Mohammed) and Bú Jahl would be just the same.
  • نقش بر دیوار مثل آدم است ** بنگر از صورت چه چیز او کم است‌‌ 1020
  • The painting on the wall is like Adam: see from the (pictured) form what thing in it is wanting.
  • جان کم است آن صورت با تاب را ** رو بجو آن گوهر کمیاب را
  • The spirit is wanting in that resplendent form: go, seek that jewel rarely found!
  • شد سر شیران عالم جمله پست ** چون سگ اصحاب را دادند دست‌‌
  • The heads of all the lions in the world were laid low when They (God) gave a hand to (bestowed favour on) the dog of the Companions (of the Cave).
  • چه زیان استش از آن نقش نفور ** چون که جانش غرق شد در بحر نور
  • What loss does it suffer from that abhorred shape, inasmuch as its spirit was plunged in the ocean of light?
  • وصف صورت نیست اندر خامه‌‌ها ** عالم و عادل بود در نامه‌‌ها
  • ’Tis not in pens to describe (the outward) form: (what is written) in letters is (qualities like) “learned” and “just”;
  • عالم و عادل همه معنی است بس ** کش نیابی در مکان و پیش و پس‌‌ 1025
  • (And qualities like) “learned” and “just” are only the spiritual essence which thou wilt not find in (any) place or in front or behind.
  • می‌‌زند بر تن ز سوی لامکان ** می‌‌نگنجد در فلک خورشید جان‌‌
  • The sun of the spirit strikes (with its beams) on the body from the quarter where (the relation of) place does not exist: it (that sun) is not contained in the sky.
  • ذکر دانش خرگوش و بیان فضیلت و منافع دانستن‌‌
  • An account of the knowledge of the hare and an explanation of the excellence and advantages of knowledge.