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  • گفت هر دارو که ایشان کرده‌‌اند ** آن عمارت نیست ویران کرده‌‌اند
  • He said, “None of the remedies which they have applied builds up (health): they (the false physicians) have wrought destruction.
  • بی‌‌خبر بودند از حال درون ** أستعیذ الله مما یفترون‌‌ 105
  • They were ignorant of the inward state. I seek refuge with God from that which they invent.”
  • دید رنج و کشف شد بر وی نهفت ** لیک پنهان کرد و با سلطان نگفت‌‌
  • He saw the pain, and the secret became open to him, but he concealed it and did not tell the king.
  • رنجش از صفرا و از سودا نبود ** بوی هر هیزم پدید آید ز دود
  • Her pain was not from yellow or black bile: the smell of every firewood appears from the smoke.
  • دید از زاریش کو زار دل است ** تن خوش است و او گرفتار دل است‌‌
  • From her sore grief he perceived that she was heart-sore; well in body, but stricken in heart.
  • عاشقی پیداست از زاری دل ** نیست بیماری چو بیماری دل‌‌
  • Being in love is made manifest by soreness of heart: there is no sickness like heartsickness.
  • علت عاشق ز علتها جداست ** عشق اصطرلاب اسرار خداست‌‌ 110
  • The lover's ailment is separate from all other ailments: love is the astrolabe of the mysteries of God.
  • عاشقی گر زین سر و گر ز ان سر است ** عاقبت ما را بدان سر رهبر است‌‌
  • Whether love be from this (earthly) side or from that (heavenly) side, in the end it leads us yonder.
  • هر چه گویم عشق را شرح و بیان ** چون به عشق آیم خجل گردم از آن‌‌
  • Whatsoever I say in exposition and explanation of Love, when I come to Love (itself) I am ashamed of that (explanation).
  • گر چه تفسیر زبان روشن‌‌گر است ** لیک عشق بی‌‌زبان روشن‌‌تر است‌‌
  • Although the commentary of the tongue makes (all) clear, yet tongueless love is clearer.