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  • پس زبان محرمی خود دیگر است ** هم دلی از هم زبانی بهتر است‌‌
  • Therefore the tongue of mutual understanding is different indeed: to be one in heart is better than to be one in tongue.
  • غیر نطق و غیر ایما و سجل ** صد هزاران ترجمان خیزد ز دل‌‌
  • Without speech and without sign or scroll, hundreds of thousands of interpreters arise from the heart.
  • جمله مرغان هر یکی اسرار خود ** از هنر وز دانش و از کار خود
  • The birds, all and each, their secrets of skill and knowledge and practice
  • با سلیمان یک به یک وامی‌‌نمود ** از برای عرضه خود را می‌‌ستود 1210
  • Were revealing, one by one, to Solomon, and were praising themselves by way of submitting a request (for his consideration),
  • از تکبر نی و از هستی خویش ** بهر آن تا ره دهد او را به پیش‌‌
  • Not from pride and self-conceit, (but) in order that he might give them access to him.
  • چون بباید برده‌‌ای را خواجه‌‌ای ** عرضه دارد از هنر دیباجه‌‌ای‌‌
  • When a captive wants a lord (to buy him as a slave), he offers a preface (summary account) of his talent;
  • چون که دارد از خریداریش ننگ ** خود کند بیمار و کر و شل و لنگ‌‌
  • (But) when he is ashamed (disgusted) at his buying him, he makes himself out to be sick and deaf and palsied and lame.
  • نوبت هدهد رسید و پیشه‌‌اش ** و آن بیان صنعت و اندیشه‌‌اش‌‌
  • The turn came for the hoopoe and his craft and the explanation of his skill and thoughtfulness.
  • گفت ای شه یک هنر کان کهتر است ** باز گویم گفت کوته بهتر است‌‌ 1215
  • “O king,” said he, “I will declare (only) one talent, which is an inferior one; ’tis better to speak briefly.”
  • گفت بر گو تا کدام است آن هنر ** گفت من آن گه که باشم اوج بر
  • “Tell on,” said Solomon; “let me hear what talent that is.” The hoopoe said, “At the time when I am at the zenith,