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  • کای عجب نهی از پی تحریم بود ** یا به تاویلی بد و توهیم بود 1250
  • Wondering whether the prohibition was for the purpose of making unlawful (the thing prohibited), or whether it admitted of an interpretation and was a cause of perplexity.
  • در دلش تاویل چون ترجیح یافت ** طبع در حیرت سوی گندم شتافت‌‌
  • When (the view that it admitted of) interpretation prevailed in his mind, his nature hastened in bewilderment towards the wheat.
  • باغبان را خار چون در پای رفت ** دزد فرصت یافت، کالا برد تفت‌‌
  • When the thorn went into the foot of the gardener (Adam), the thief (Satan) found an opportunity and quickly carried off the goods.
  • چون ز حیرت رست باز آمد به راه ** دید برده دزد رخت از کارگاه‌‌
  • As soon as he escaped from bewilderment, he returned into the (right) road; (then) he saw that the thief had carried off the wares from the shop.
  • ربنا إنا ظلمنا گفت و آه ** یعنی آمد ظلمت و گم گشت راه‌‌
  • He cried, ‘O Lord, we have done wrong,’ and ‘Alas,’ that is to say, ‘darkness came and the way was lost.’
  • پس قضا ابری بود خورشید پوش ** شیر و اژدرها شود زو همچو موش‌‌ 1255
  • Divine destiny, then, is a cloud that covers the sun: thereby lions and dragons become as mice.
  • من اگر دامی نبینم گاه حکم ** من نه تنها جاهلم در راه حکم‌‌
  • If I (the hoopoe) do not see a snare in the hour of Divine ordainment, ’tis not I alone who am ignorant in the course of Divine ordainment.”
  • ای خنک آن کاو نکو کاری گرفت ** زور را بگذاشت او زاری گرفت‌‌
  • Oh, happy he that clave to righteousness, he (that) let (his own) strength go and took to supplication!
  • گر قضا پوشد سیه همچون شبت ** هم قضا دستت بگیرد عاقبت‌‌
  • If the Divine destiny shrouds thee in black like night, yet the Divine destiny will take thy hand (and guide thee) at the last.
  • گر قضا صد بار قصد جان کند ** هم قضا جانت دهد درمان کند
  • If the Divine destiny a hundred times attempts thy life, yet the Divine destiny gives thee life and heals thee.