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  • شیر عکس خویش دید از آب تفت ** شکل شیری در برش خرگوش زفت‌‌
  • The lion saw his own reflexion: from the water shone the image of a lion with a plump hare at his side.
  • چون که خصم خویش را در آب دید ** مر و را بگذاشت و اندر چه جهید
  • When he beheld his adversary in the water, he left him (the hare) and sprang into the well.
  • در فتاد اندر چهی کاو کنده بود ** ز آن که ظلمش در سرش آینده بود
  • He fell into the well which he had dug, because his iniquity was coming (back) on his own head.
  • چاه مظلم گشت ظلم ظالمان ** این چنین گفتند جمله عالمان‌‌
  • The iniquity of evil-doers became (for them) a dark well: so have said all the wise.
  • هر که ظالمتر چهش با هول‌‌تر ** عدل فرموده ست بدتر را بتر 1310
  • The more iniquitous one is, the more frightful is his well: (Divine) Justice has ordained worse (punishment) for worse (sin).
  • ای که تو از ظلم چاهی می‌‌کنی ** دان که بهر خویش دامی می‌‌کنی‌‌
  • O you who on account of (your) high estate are committing an act of injustice, know that you are digging a well (pit) for yourself.
  • گرد خود چون کرم پیله بر متن ** بهر خود چه می‌‌کنی اندازه کن‌‌
  • Do not weave (a cocoon) round yourself, like the silkworm. You are digging a well for yourself (to fall in): dig with moderation (not too deep).
  • مر ضعیفان را تو بی‌‌خصمی مدان ** از نبی ذا جاء نصر الله خوان‌‌
  • Deem not the weak to be without a champion: recite from the Qur’án (the words), When the help of God shall come.
  • گر تو پیلی خصم تو از تو رمید ** نک جزا طیرا ابابیلت رسید
  • If you are an elephant and your foe fled from you, lo, the retribution came upon you, birds in flocks.
  • گر ضعیفی در زمین خواهد امان ** غلغل افتد در سپاه آسمان‌‌ 1315
  • If any poor man on the earth beg for mercy, a loud tumult falls on (arises among) the Host of Heaven.