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  • شاخ و برگ از حبس خاک آزاد شد ** سر بر آورد و حریف باد شد
  • Bough and leaf were set free from the prison of earth, lifted their heads, and became comrades of the wind;
  • برگها چون شاخ را بشکافتند ** تا به بالای درخت اشتافتند
  • The leaves, when they had burst (forth from) the bough, made haste to reach the top of the tree;
  • با زبان شطاه شکر خدا ** می‌‌سراید هر بر و برگی جدا
  • With the tongue of (seed that put forth) its sprouts each fruit and tree severally is singing thanks to God,
  • که بپرورد اصل ما را ذو العطا ** تا درخت استغلظ آمد و استوی‌‌ 1345
  • Saying, “The Bounteous Giver nourished our root until the tree grew big and stood upright.”
  • جانهای بسته اندر آب و گل ** چون رهند از آب و گلها شاد دل‌‌
  • (Even so) the spirits bound in clay, when they escape glad at heart from their (prisons of) clay,
  • در هوای عشق حق رقصان شوند ** همچو قرص بدر بی‌‌نقصان شوند
  • Begin to dance in the air of Divine Love and become flawless like the full moon's orb,
  • جسمشان در رقص و جانها خود مپرس ** و آن که گرد جان از آنها خود مپرس‌‌
  • Their bodies dancing, and their souls—nay, do not ask (how their souls fare); and that (Love) which surrounds the soul—do not ask of those things!
  • شیر را خرگوش در زندان نشاند ** ننگ شیری کاو ز خرگوشی بماند
  • The hare lodged the lion in prison. Shame on a lion who was discomfited by a hare!
  • در چنان ننگی و آن گه این عجب ** فخر دین خواهد که گویندش لقب‌‌ 1350
  • He is in such a disgrace, and still—this is a wonder—he would fain be addressed by the title of Fakhr-i Dín.
  • ای تو شیری در تک این چاه فرد ** نفس چون خرگوش خونت ریخت و خورد
  • O thou lion that liest alone at the bottom of this well, thy fleshly soul, like the hare, has shed and drunk thy blood;