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  • زیر خرما بن ز خلقان او جدا ** زیر سایه خفته بین سایه‌‌ی خدا
  • There he is under the palm-tree, apart from the people: behold the Shadow of God asleep in the shade!”
  • یافتن رسول روم عمر را خفته در زیر درخت‌‌
  • How the ambassador of Rúm found the Commander of the Faithful, ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, sleeping under the tree.
  • آمد او آن جا و از دور ایستاد ** مر عمر را دید و در لرز اوفتاد 1415
  • He came thither and stood afar off; he saw 'Umar and fell a-trembling.
  • هیبتی ز آن خفته آمد بر رسول ** حالتی خوش کرد بر جانش نزول‌‌
  • An awe came upon the ambassador from that slumbering man, a sweet ecstasy lodged in his soul.
  • مهر و هیبت هست ضد همدگر ** این دو ضد را دید جمع اندر جگر
  • Love and awe are contrary to each other: he saw these two contraries united in his heart.
  • گفت با خود من شهان را دیده‌‌ام ** پیش سلطانان مه و بگزیده‌‌ام‌‌
  • He said to himself: “I have seen (many) kings, I have been great (in esteem) and chosen (for honour) in the presence of sultans:
  • از شهانم هیبت و ترسی نبود ** هیبت این مرد هوشم را ربود
  • I had no awe or dread of kings, (but) awe of this man has robbed me of my wits.
  • رفته‌‌ام در بیشه‌‌ی شیر و پلنگ ** روی من ز یشان نگردانید رنگ‌‌ 1420
  • I have gone into a jungle of lions and leopards, and my face did not change colour because of them;
  • بس شده‌‌ستم در مصاف و کارزار ** همچو شیر آن دم که باشد کار زار
  • Often where the ranks are arrayed on the field of battle have I become (fierce) as a lion at the time when the affair is grievous (desperate);
  • بس که خوردم بس زدم زخم گران ** دل قوی تر بوده‌‌ام از دیگران‌‌
  • Many a heavy blow have I suffered and inflicted, I have been stouter in heart than (all) the others.
  • بی‌‌سلاح این مرد خفته بر زمین ** من به هفت اندام لرزان چیست این‌‌
  • This man is asleep on the earth, unarmed, (and yet) I am trembling in my seven limbs (my whole body): what is this?