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  • حال چون جلوه ست ز آن زیبا عروس ** وین مقام آن خلوت آمد با عروس‌‌ 1435
  • The hál is like the unveiling of that beauteous bride, while the maqám is the (king's) being alone with the bride.
  • جلوه بیند شاه و غیر شاه نیز ** وقت خلوت نیست جز شاه عزیز
  • The unveiling is witnessed by the king and by others as well, (but) at the time of being alone (with the bride) there is no one except the mighty king.
  • جلوه کرده خاص و عامان را عروس ** خلوت اندر شاه باشد با عروس‌‌
  • The bride unveils before nobles and commons (alike); in the bridal chamber the king is (alone) with the bride.
  • هست بسیار اهل حال از صوفیان ** نادر است اهل مقام اندر میان‌‌
  • There is many a one of the Súfís who enjoys hál, (but) he that has attained to maqám is rare amongst them.
  • از منازلهای جانش یاد داد ** وز سفرهای روانش یاد داد
  • He (‘Umar) reminded him of the stages traversed by the soul, and he reminded him of the journeys of the spirit,
  • وز زمانی کز زمان خالی بده ست ** وز مقام قدس که اجلالی بده ست‌‌ 1440
  • And of the Time which has (ever) been void of time, and of the Station of Holiness which has (ever) been majestical,
  • وز هوایی کاندر او سیمرغ روح ** پیش از این دیده ست پرواز و فتوح‌‌
  • And of the atmosphere wherein the Símurgh of the spirit, before this (material life), has flown and experienced (the bounty of Divine) grace,
  • هر یکی پروازش از آفاق بیش ** وز امید و نهمت مشتاق بیش‌‌
  • Every single flight thereof (being) greater than the horizons (of this world) and greater than the hope and greed of the longing lover.
  • چون عمر اغیار رو را یار یافت ** جان او را طالب اسرار یافت‌‌
  • When ‘Umar found the stranger in appearance a friend (in reality), he found (that) his soul (was) seeking (to learn) the (Divine) mysteries.
  • شیخ کامل بود و طالب مشتهی ** مرد چابک بود و مرکب درگهی‌‌
  • The Shaykh (‘Umar) was adept and the disciple (the ambassador) eager: the man (rider) was quick (dexterous) and the beast belonged to the royal court (was nobly bred and docile).