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  • چون کسی را خار در پایش جهد ** پای خود را بر سر زانو نهد 150
  • When a thorn darts into any one's foot, he sets his foot upon his knee,
  • وز سر سوزن همی‌‌جوید سرش ** ور نیابد می‌‌کند با لب ترش‌‌
  • And keeps searching for its head with the point of a needle, and if he does not find it, he keeps moistening it (the place) with his lip.
  • خار در پا شد چنین دشوار یاب ** خار در دل چون بود واده جواب‌‌
  • A thorn in the foot is so hard to find: how (then) is it with a thorn in the heart? Answer (that)!
  • خار در دل گر بدیدی هر خسی ** دست کی بودی غمان را بر کسی‌‌
  • If every base fellow had seen the thorn in the heart, when would sorrows gain the upper hand over any one?
  • کس به زیر دم خر خاری نهد ** خر نداند دفع آن بر می‌‌جهد
  • Somebody sticks a thorn under a donkey's tail: the donkey does not know how to get rid of it: he starts jumping.
  • بر جهد و ان خار محکمتر زند ** عاقلی باید که خاری بر کند 155
  • He jumps, and the thorn strikes more firmly (pierces deeper): it needs an intelligent person to extract a thorn.
  • خر ز بهر دفع خار از سوز و درد ** جفته می‌‌انداخت صد جا زخم کرد
  • In order to get rid of the thorn, the donkey from irritation and pain went on kicking and dealing blows in a hundred places,
  • آن حکیم خارچین استاد بود ** دست می‌‌زد جا به جا می‌‌آزمود
  • (But) that thorn-removing physician was an expert: putting his hand on one spot after another, he tested (it).
  • ز ان کنیزک بر طریق داستان ** باز می‌‌پرسید حال دوستان‌‌
  • He inquired of the girl concerning her friends, by way of narrative,
  • با حکیم او قصه‌‌ها می‌‌گفت فاش ** از مقام و خاجگان و شهر تاش‌‌
  • And she disclosed to the physician (many) circumstances touching her home and (former) masters and town and dwelling.