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  • که اشتهار خلق بند محکم است ** در ره این از بند آهن کی کم است‌‌
  • Worldly reputation is a strong chain: in the Way how is this less than a chain of iron?
  • قصه‌‌ی بازرگان که طوطی محبوس او او را پیغام داد به طوطیان هندوستان هنگام رفتن به تجارت‌‌
  • The story of the merchant to whom the captive parrot gave a message for the parrots of India on the occasion of his going (thither) to trade.
  • بود بازرگانی او را طوطیی ** در قفس محبوس زیبا طوطیی‌‌
  • There was a merchant, and he had a parrot imprisoned in a cage, a pretty parrot.
  • چون که بازرگان سفر را ساز کرد ** سوی هندستان شدن آغاز کرد
  • When the merchant made ready for travel and was about to depart to India,
  • هر غلام و هر کنیزک را ز جود ** گفت بهر تو چه آرم گوی زود
  • Because of his generosity he said to each male slave and each handmaid, “What shall I bring (home) for you? Tell (me) quickly.”
  • هر یکی از وی مرادی خواست کرد ** جمله را وعده بداد آن نیک مرد 1550
  • Each one asked him for some object of desire: that good man gave his promise to them all.
  • گفت طوطی را چه خواهی ارمغان ** کارمت از خطه‌‌ی هندوستان‌‌
  • He said to the parrot, “What present would you like me to bring for you from the land of India?”
  • گفتش آن طوطی که آن جا طوطیان ** چون ببینی کن ز حال من بیان‌‌
  • The parrot said to him, “When thou seest the parrots there, explain my plight (and say),
  • کان فلان طوطی که مشتاق شماست ** از قضای آسمان در حبس ماست‌‌
  • ‘Such and such a parrot, who is longing for you, is in my prison by the destiny of Heaven.
  • بر شما کرد او سلام و داد خواست ** وز شما چاره و ره ارشاد خواست‌‌
  • She salutes you and asks for justice and desires (to learn) from you the means and way of being rightly guided.
  • گفت می‌‌شاید که من در اشتیاق ** جان دهم اینجا بمیرم در فراق‌‌ 1555
  • She says, “Is it meet that I in yearning (after you) should give up the ghost and die here in separation?