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  • زاید از لقمه‌‌ی حلال اندر دهان ** میل خدمت عزم رفتن آن جهان‌‌
  • From the lawful morsel in the mouth is born the inclination to serve (God) and the resolve to go to yonder world.
  • باز گفتن بازرگان با طوطی آن چه دید از طوطیان هندوستان‌‌
  • How the merchant related to the parrot what he had witnessed on the part of the parrots of India.
  • کرد بازرگان تجارت را تمام ** باز آمد سوی منزل دوست کام‌‌
  • The merchant finished his trading and returned home (prosperously) to the joy of his friends.
  • هر غلامی را بیاورد ارمغان ** هر کنیزک را ببخشید او نشان‌‌ 1650
  • He brought a present for every male slave, he gave a token to every slave-girl.
  • گفت طوطی ارمغان بنده کو ** آن چه دیدی و آن چه گفتی باز گو
  • “Where is my present?” asked the parrot. “Relate what thou hast seen and said.”
  • گفت نی من خود پشیمانم از آن ** دست خود خایان و انگشتان گزان‌‌
  • “Nay,” said he, “indeed I am repenting of that (which I said), gnawing my hand and biting my fingers (in remorse).
  • من چرا پیغام خامی از گزاف ** بردم از بی‌‌دانشی و از نشاف‌‌
  • Why, from ignorance and folly, did I idly bear (such) an inconsiderate message?”
  • گفت ای خواجه پشیمانی ز چیست ** چیست آن کاین خشم و غم را مقتضی است‌‌
  • “O master,” said the parrot, “what is thy repentance for? What is it that causes this anger and grief?”
  • گفت گفتم آن شکایتهای تو ** با گروهی طوطیان همتای تو 1655
  • “I told thy complaints,” said he, “to a company of parrots resembling thee.
  • آن یکی طوطی ز دردت بوی برد ** زهره‌‌اش بدرید و لرزید و بمرد
  • One parrot got scent of (understood) thy pain: her heart broke, and she trembled and died.
  • من پشیمان گشتم این گفتن چه بود ** لیک چون گفتم پشیمانی چه سود
  • I became sorry, (thinking) ‘why did I say this?’ but what was the use of repenting after I had said it?”