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  • چون کبوترهای پیک از شهرها ** سوی شهر خویش آرد بهرها 1690
  • Like carrier pigeons, they bring things useful (to know) from (other) cities to their own city.
  • شنیدن آن طوطی حرکت آن طوطیان و مردن آن طوطی در قفس و نوحه‌‌ی خواجه بر وی‌‌
  • How the parrot heard what those parrots had done, and died in the cage, and how the merchant made lament for her.
  • چون شنید آن مرغ کان طوطی چه کرد ** پس بلرزید اوفتاد و گشت سرد
  • When the bird heard what that (other) parrot had done, thereupon she trembled, fell, and became cold.
  • خواجه چون دیدش فتاده همچنین ** بر جهید و زد کله را بر زمین‌‌
  • The merchant, seeing her thus fallen, sprang up and dashed his cap on the ground.
  • چون بدین رنگ و بدین حالش بدید ** خواجه بر جست و گریبان را درید
  • When he saw her in this guise and in this state, the merchant sprang up and tore the breast of his garment.
  • گفت ای طوطی خوب خوش حنین ** این چه بودت این چرا گشتی چنین‌‌
  • He said, “O beautiful parrot with thy sweet cry, what is this that has happened to thee? Why hast thou become like this?
  • ای دریغا مرغ خوش آواز من ** ای دریغا هم دم و هم راز من‌‌ 1695
  • Oh, alas for my sweet-voiced bird! Oh, alas for my bosom-friend and confidant!
  • ای دریغا مرغ خوش الحان من ** راح روح و روضه و ریحان من‌‌
  • Oh, alas for my melodious bird, the wine of my spirit and my garden and my sweet basil!
  • گر سلیمان را چنین مرغی بدی ** کی خود او مشغول آن مرغان شدی‌‌
  • Had Solomon possessed a bird like this, how indeed should he have become occupied with those (other) birds?
  • ای دریغا مرغ کارزان یافتم ** زود روی از روی او بر تافتم‌‌
  • Oh, alas for the bird which I gained cheaply, and (so) soon turned my face away from her countenance!
  • ای زبان تو بس زیانی بر وری ** چون تویی گویا چه گویم من ترا
  • O tongue, thou art a great damage (very injurious) to mankind, (but) since thou art speaking, what should I say to thee?