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  • جان من کمتر ز طوطی کی بود ** جان چنین باید که نیکو پی بود
  • How should my soul be meaner than the parrot? The soul ought to follow a good track like this.”
  • مضرت تعظیم خلق و انگشت نمای شدن‌‌
  • The harmfulness of being honoured by the people and of becoming conspicuous.
  • تن قفس شکل است تن شد خار جان ** در فریب داخلان و خارجان‌‌
  • The body is cage-like: the body, amidst the cajoleries of those who come in and go out, became a thorn to the soul.
  • اینش گوید من شوم هم راز تو ** و آنش گوید نی منم انباز تو 1850
  • This one says to him, “I will be thy confidant,” and that one says, “Nay, I am thy partner.”
  • اینش گوید نیست چون تو در وجود ** در جمال و فضل و در احسان و جود
  • This one says to him, “There is none in existence like thee for beauty and eminence and for kindness and liberality.”
  • آنش گوید هر دو عالم آن تست ** جمله جانهامان طفیل جان تست‌‌
  • That one says to him, “Both the worlds are thine, all our souls are thy soul's parasites.”
  • او چو بیند خلق را سر مست خویش ** از تکبر می‌‌رود از دست خویش‌‌
  • When he sees the people intoxicated with (desire for) him, because of arrogance he loses self-control.
  • او نداند که هزاران را چو او ** دیو افکنده ست اندر آب جو
  • He does not know that the Devil has cast thousands like him into the water of the river (of destruction).
  • لطف و سالوس جهان خوش لقمه‌‌ای است ** کمترش خور کان پر آتش لقمه‌‌ای است‌‌ 1855
  • The world's flattery and hypocrisy is a sweet morsel: eat less of it (eat it not), for it is a morsel full of fire.
  • آتشش پنهان و ذوقش آشکار ** دود او ظاهر شود پایان کار
  • Its fire is hidden and its taste is manifest: its smoke becomes visible in the end.
  • تو مگو آن مدح را من کی خورم ** از طمع می‌‌گوید او پی می‌‌برم‌‌
  • Do not say, “How should I swallow that praise? He is speaking from desire (for reward): I am on his track (and see quite well what he is after).”