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  • همچو مطبوخ است و حب کان را خوری ** تا به دیری شورش و رنج اندری‌‌
  • It (blame) is like (bitter) decoctions and pills which you swallow and for a long time you are in disturbance and pain,
  • ور خوری حلوا بود ذوقش دمی ** این اثر چون آن نمی‌‌پاید همی‌‌
  • Whereas, if you eat halwá (sweetmeat), its taste is momentary: this effect (i.e. the effect of the sweet meat), does not continue (i.e. is not felt during a long period of time) like the other (i.e. the effect of the bitter drug).
  • چون نمی‌‌پاید همی‌‌پاید نهان ** هر ضدی را تو به ضد او بدان‌‌ 1865
  • Since it does not endure (perceptibly), it endures imperceptibly: recognise every opposite by means of its opposite.
  • چون شکر پاید نهان تاثیر او ** بعد حینی دمل آرد نیش جو
  • When the effect of sugar endures (remains latent), after a while it produces boils that call for the lancet.
  • نفس از بس مدحها فرعون شد ** کن ذلیل النفس هونا لا تسد
  • The fleshly soul was made a Pharaoh by (receiving) many praises: be lowly of spirit through meekness, do not domineer.
  • تا توانی بنده شو سلطان مباش ** زخم کش چون گوی شو چوگان مباش‌‌
  • So far as you can, become a slave, do not be a monarch. Suffer blows: become like the ball, do not be the bat.
  • ور نه چون لطفت نماند وین جمال ** از تو آید آن حریفان را ملال‌‌
  • Otherwise, when this elegance and beauty remains with you no more, you will be loathed by those companions.
  • آن جماعت کت همی‌‌دادند ریو ** چون ببینندت بگویندت که دیو 1870
  • The set of people who used to flatter you deceitfully, when they behold you will call you a devil.
  • جمله گویندت چو بینندت به در ** مرده‌‌ای از گور خود بر کرد سر
  • When they see you at their doors, they all will cry, “Truly a dead man has risen from the grave.”
  • همچو امرد که خدا نامش کنند ** تا بدین سالوس در دامش کنند
  • (You will be) like the beardless youth whom they address as “Lord” that by this hypocrisy they may make entrap him.