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  • گر بگویم شمه‌‌ای ز آن نغمه‌‌ها ** جانها سر بر زنند از دخمه‌‌ها
  • If I tell (even) a tittle of those (saintly) notes, the souls will lift up their heads from the tombs.
  • گوش را نزدیک کن کان دور نیست ** لیک نقل آن به تو دستور نیست‌‌
  • Put thine ear close, for that (melody) is not far off, but ’tis not permitted to convey it to thee.
  • هین که اسرافیل وقت‌‌اند اولیا ** مرده را ز یشان حیات است و حیا 1930
  • Hark! for the saints are the Isráfíls of the (present) time: from them to the dead comes life and freshness.
  • جان هر یک مرده‌‌ای از گور تن ** بر جهد ز آوازشان اندر کفن‌‌
  • At their voice the soul of every dead one starts up from the body's grave in their winding sheets.
  • گوید این آواز ز آوازها جداست ** زنده کردن کار آواز خداست‌‌
  • He (that is thus awakened) says, “This voice is separate from (all other) voices: to quicken (the dead) is the work of the voice of God.
  • ما بمردیم و بکلی کاستیم ** بانگ حق آمد همه برخاستیم‌‌
  • We (had) died and were entirely decayed: the call of God came: we all arose.”
  • بانگ حق اندر حجاب و بی‌‌حجاب ** آن دهد کو داد مریم را ز جیب‌‌
  • The call of God, (whether it be) veiled or unveiled, bestows that which He bestowed on Mary from His bosom.
  • ای فناتان نیست کرده زیر پوست ** باز گردید از عدم ز آواز دوست‌‌ 1935
  • O ye whom death (in your hearts) hath made naught underneath the skin, return from non-existence at the voice of the Friend!
  • مطلق آن آواز خود از شه بود ** گر چه از حلقوم عبد الله بود
  • Absolutely, indeed, that voice is from the King (God), though it be from the larynx of God's servant.
  • گفته او را من زبان و چشم تو ** من حواس و من رضا و خشم تو
  • He (God) has said to him (the saint), “I am thy tongue and eye; I am thy senses and I am thy good pleasure and thy wrath.