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  • شه بدو بخشید آن مه روی را ** جفت کرد آن هر دو صحبت جوی را 200
  • The king bestowed on him that moon-faced one and wedded those twain (who were) craving (each other's) company.
  • مدت شش ماه می‌‌راندند کام ** تا به صحت آمد آن دختر تمام‌‌
  • During the space of six months they were satisfying their desire, till the girl was wholly restored to health.
  • بعد از آن از بهر او شربت بساخت ** تا بخورد و پیش دختر می‌‌گداخت‌‌
  • Thereafter he prepared for him a potion, so that when he drank it he began to dwindle away before her.
  • چون ز رنجوری جمال او نماند ** جان دختر در وبال او نماند
  • When because of sickness his beauty remained not, the soul of the girl remained not in his pestilence (deadly toils).
  • چون که زشت و ناخوش و رخ زرد شد ** اندک اندک در دل او سرد شد
  • Since he became ugly and ill-favoured and sallow-cheeked, little by little he became cold (irksome and unpleasing) in her heart.
  • عشقهایی کز پی رنگی بود ** عشق نبود عاقبت ننگی بود 205
  • Those loves which are for the sake of a colour (outward beauty) are not love: in the end they are a disgrace.
  • کاش کان هم ننگ بودی یک سری ** تا نرفتی بر وی آن بد داوری‌‌
  • Would that he too had been disgrace (deformity) altogether, so that that evil judgement might not have come to pass upon him!
  • خون دوید از چشم همچون جوی او ** دشمن جان وی آمد روی او
  • Blood ran from his eye (that flowed with tears) like a river; his (handsome) face became the enemy of his life.
  • دشمن طاوس آمد پر او ** ای بسی شه را بکشته فر او
  • The peacock's plumage is its enemy: O many the king who hath been slain by his magnificence!
  • گفت من آن آهوم کز ناف من ** ریخت این صیاد خون صاف من‌‌
  • He said, “I am the muskdeer on account of whose gland this hunter shed my pure (innocent) blood.