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  • باد کار خویش کرد و بروزید ** آن که جانی داشت بر جانش گزید 2045
  • The wind did its own work and blew on: he that had a soul chose it in preference to his soul.
  • در معنی این حدیث که اغتنموا برد الربیع الی آخره‌‌
  • On the meaning of the Tradition, “Take advantage of the coolness of the spring season, etc.”
  • گفت پیغمبر ز سرمای بهار ** تن مپوشانید یاران زینهار
  • The Prophet said, “Give heed, my friends! Do not cover your bodies from the cold of spring,
  • ز آن که با جان شما آن می‌‌کند ** کان بهاران با درختان می‌‌کند
  • For it does to your spirits the same thing that spring does to the trees;
  • لیک بگریزید از سرد خزان ** کان کند کاو کرد با باغ و رزان‌‌
  • But flee from the cold of autumn, for it does what autumn did to the garden and the vines.”
  • راویان این را به ظاهر برده‌‌اند ** هم بر آن صورت قناعت کرده‌‌اند
  • The traditionists have referred this (saying) to the outward (sense), and have been content with that same (outward) form.
  • بی‌‌خبر بودند از جان آن گروه ** کوه را دیده ندیده کان بکوه‌‌ 2050
  • That class (of people) were ignorant of the spirit: they saw the mountain, they did not see the mine in the mountain.
  • آن خزان نزد خدا نفس و هواست ** عقل و جان عین بهار است و بقاست‌‌
  • In the sight of God that “autumn” is the flesh (nafs) and (its) desires: the reason and the spirit are the essence of spring and are everlasting life.
  • مر ترا عقل است جزوی در نهان ** کامل العقلی بجو اندر جهان‌‌
  • Thou hast a partial reason hidden (within thee): (now) in this world seek one whose reason is perfect.
  • جزو تو از کل او کلی شود ** عقل کل بر نفس چون غلی شود
  • Through his whole thy part is made whole (and perfect): Universal Reason is like a shackle on the neck of the flesh.
  • پس به تاویل این بود کانفاس پاک ** چون بهار است و حیات برگ و تاک‌‌
  • Therefore, according to the (right) interpretation, it (the meaning) is this, that the holy breaths are like spring and the life of leaf and vine.