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  • آن خزان نزد خدا نفس و هواست ** عقل و جان عین بهار است و بقاست‌‌
  • In the sight of God that “autumn” is the flesh (nafs) and (its) desires: the reason and the spirit are the essence of spring and are everlasting life.
  • مر ترا عقل است جزوی در نهان ** کامل العقلی بجو اندر جهان‌‌
  • Thou hast a partial reason hidden (within thee): (now) in this world seek one whose reason is perfect.
  • جزو تو از کل او کلی شود ** عقل کل بر نفس چون غلی شود
  • Through his whole thy part is made whole (and perfect): Universal Reason is like a shackle on the neck of the flesh.
  • پس به تاویل این بود کانفاس پاک ** چون بهار است و حیات برگ و تاک‌‌
  • Therefore, according to the (right) interpretation, it (the meaning) is this, that the holy breaths are like spring and the life of leaf and vine.
  • از حدیث اولیا نرم و درشت ** تن مپوشان ز آن که دینت راست پشت‌‌ 2055
  • Against the sayings of the saints, whether soft or rough, do not thou cover thy body, for they are the support of thy religion.
  • گرم گوید سرد گوید خوش بگیر ** تا ز گرم و سرد بجهی وز سعیر
  • Whether he (the saint) speak hot or cold, receive (his words) with joy: in order that thou mayst escape from the hot and cold (of Nature) and from Hell-fire.
  • گرم و سردش نو بهار زندگی است ** مایه‌‌ی صدق و یقین و بندگی است‌‌
  • His “hot” and “cold” is life's new season of spring, the source of sincerity and faith and service.
  • ز آن که زو بستان جانها زنده است ** این جواهر بحر دل آگنده است‌‌
  • Inasmuch as the garden of the spirits is living through him, and the sea of (his) heart is filled with these pearls,
  • بر دل عاقل هزاران غم بود ** گر ز باغ دل خلالی کم شود
  • Thousands of griefs lie (heavy) on a wise man's heart, if from the garden of his heart (even) a toothpick fail (be missing).
  • پرسیدن صدیقه (س) از پیامبر (ص) که سر باران امروزینه چه بود
  • How the Siddíqa (‘Á’isha), may God be well-pleased with her, asked Mustafá (Mohammed), God bless him and give him peace, saying, “What was the inner meaning of to-day's rain?”
  • گفت صدیقه که ای زبده‌‌ی وجود ** حکمت باران امروزین چه بود 2060
  • The Siddíqa said, “O (thou who art the) cream of existence, what was the (true) reason of to-day's rain?