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  • کهربای فکر و هر آواز او ** لذت الهام و وحی و راز او
  • He (the saint) is the amber (magnet) of (all) thought and of every voice; he is the (inward) delight of revelation and inspiration and (Divine) mystery.
  • چون که مطرب پیرتر گشت و ضعیف ** شد ز بی‌‌کسبی رهین یک رغیف‌‌
  • When the minstrel grew older and feeble, through not earning (anything) he became indebted for a single loaf of bread.
  • گفت عمر و مهلتم دادی بسی ** لطفها کردی خدایا با خسی‌‌
  • He said, “Thou hast given me long life and respite: O God, Thou hast bestowed (many) favours on a vile wretch.
  • معصیت ورزیده‌‌ام هفتاد سال ** باز نگرفتی ز من روزی نوال‌‌
  • For seventy years I have been committing sin, (yet) not for one day hast Thou withheld Thy bounty from me.
  • نیست کسب امروز مهمان توام ** چنگ بهر تو زنم آن توام‌‌ 2085
  • I (can) earn nothing: to-day I am Thy guest, I will play the harp for Thee, I am Thine.”
  • چنگ را برداشت و شد الله جو ** سوی گورستان یثرب آه گو
  • He took up his harp and went in search of God to the graveyard of Medina, crying “Alas!”
  • گفت خواهم از حق ابریشم بها ** کاو به نیکویی پذیرد قلبها
  • He said, “I crave of God the price of silk (for harpstrings), for He in His kindness accepts adulterated coin.”
  • چون که زد بسیار و گریان سر نهاد ** چنگ بالین کرد و بر گوری فتاد
  • When he had played a long while and (then), weeping, laid his head down: he made the harp his pillow and dropped on a tomb.
  • خواب بردش مرغ جانش از حبس رست ** چنگ و چنگی را رها کرد و بجست‌‌
  • Sleep overtook him: the bird, his soul, escaped from captivity, it let harp and harper go and darted away.
  • گشت آزاد از تن و رنج جهان ** در جهان ساده و صحرای جان‌‌ 2090
  • It became freed from the body and the pain of this world in the simple (purely spiritual) world and the vast region of the soul.