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  • مثنوی در حجم گر بودی چو چرخ ** درنگنجیدی در او زین نیم برخ‌‌
  • If the Mathnawí were as the sky in magnitude, not half the portion of this (mystery) would find room in it,
  • کان زمین و آسمان بس فراخ ** کرد از تنگی دلم را شاخ شاخ‌‌
  • For the exceeding broad earth and sky (of the material world) caused my heart, from (their) narrowness (in comparison with the spiritual universe), to be rent in pieces;
  • وین جهانی کاندر این خوابم نمود ** از گشایش پر و بالم را گشود 2100
  • And this world that was revealed to me in this dream (of the minstrel) has spread wide my wings and pinions because of (its vast) expansion.
  • این جهان و راهش ار پیدا بدی ** کم کسی یک لحظه‌‌ای آن جا بدی‌‌
  • If this world and the way to it were manifest, no one would remain there (in the material world) for a single moment.
  • امر می‌‌آمد که نی طامع مشو ** چون ز پایت خار بیرون شد برو
  • The (Divine) command was coming (to the minstrel)—“Nay, be not covetous: inasmuch as the thorn is out of thy foot, depart”—
  • مول مولی می‌‌زد آن جا جان او ** در فضای رحمت و احسان او
  • (Whilst) his soul was lingering there in the spacious demesne of His (God's) mercy and beneficence.
  • ر خواب گفتن هاتف مر عمر را که چندین زر از بیت المال به آن مرده ده که در گورستان خفته است‌‌
  • How the heavenly voice spoke to ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, while he was asleep, saying, “Give a certain sum of gold from the public treasury to the man who is sleeping in the graveyard.”
  • آن زمان حق بر عمر خوابی گماشت ** تا که خویش از خواب نتوانست داشت‌‌
  • Then God sent such a drowsiness upon ‘Umar that he was unable to keep himself from slumber.
  • در عجب افتاد کاین معهود نیست ** این ز غیب افتاد بی‌‌مقصود نیست‌‌ 2105
  • He fell into amazement saying, “This is (a thing) unknown. This has fallen from the Unseen, ’tis not without purpose.”
  • سر نهاد و خواب بردش خواب دید ** کامدش از حق ندا جانش شنید
  • He laid his head down, and slumber overtook him. He dreamed that a voice came to him from God: his spirit heard
  • آن ندایی کاصل هر بانگ و نواست ** خود ندا آن است و این باقی صداست‌‌
  • That voice which is the origin of every cry and sound: that indeed is the (only) voice, and the rest are echoes.