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  • کوزه‌‌ی چشم حریصان پر نشد ** تا صدف قانع نشد پر در نشد
  • The pitcher, the eye of the covetous, never becomes full: the oyster-shell is not filled with pearls until it is contented.
  • هر که را جامه ز عشقی چاک شد ** او ز حرص و عیب کلی پاک شد
  • He (alone) whose garment is rent by a (mighty) love is purged entirely of covetousness and defect.
  • شاد باش ای عشق خوش سودای ما ** ای طبیب جمله علتهای ما
  • Hail, our sweet-thoughted Love —thou that art the physician of all our ills,
  • ای دوای نخوت و ناموس ما ** ای تو افلاطون و جالینوس ما
  • The remedy of our pride and vainglory, our Plato and our Galen!
  • جسم خاک از عشق بر افلاک شد ** کوه در رقص آمد و چالاک شد 25
  • Through Love the earthly body soared to the skies: the mountain began to dance and became nimble.
  • عشق جان طور آمد عاشقا ** طور مست و خر موسی صاعقا
  • Love inspired Mount Sinai, O lover, (so that) Sinai (was made) drunken and Moses fell in a swoon.
  • با لب دمساز خود گر جفتمی ** همچو نی من گفتنیها گفتمی‌‌
  • Were I joined to the lip of one in accord with me, I too, like the reed, would tell all that may be told;
  • هر که او از هم زبانی شد جدا ** بی‌‌زبان شد گر چه دارد صد نوا
  • (But) whoever is parted from one who speaks his language becomes dumb, though he have a hundred songs.
  • چون که گل رفت و گلستان در گذشت ** نشنوی ز ان پس ز بلبل سر گذشت‌‌
  • When the rose is gone and the garden faded, thou wilt hear no more the nightingale's story.
  • جمله معشوق است و عاشق پرده‌‌ای ** زنده معشوق است و عاشق مرده‌‌ای‌‌ 30
  • The Beloved is all and the lover (but) a veil; the Beloved is living and the lover a dead thing.