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  • گر خمش کردی و گرنه آن کنم ** که همین دم ترک خان و مان کنم‌‌
  • If thou keep silence, (’tis well), and if not, I will so do that at this very moment I will leave my house and home.”
  • مراعات کردن زن شوهر را و استغفار کردن از گفته‌‌ی خویش‌‌
  • How the wife paid regard to her husband and begged God to forgive her for what she had said.
  • زن چو دید او را که تند و توسن است ** گشت گریان گریه خود دام زن است‌‌
  • When the wife saw that he was fierce and unmanageable, she began to weep: tears in sooth are a woman's lure.
  • گفت از تو کی چنین پنداشتم ** از تو من اومید دیگر داشتم‌‌ 2395
  • She said, “When did I imagine such (words) from thee? I hoped of thee something different.”
  • زن در آمد از طریق نیستی ** گفت من خاک شمایم نه ستی‌‌
  • The wife approached by the way of self-naughting (self-abasement). “I am thy dust,” said she, “not (worthy to be) thy lady-wife.
  • جسم و جان و هر چه هستم آن تست ** حکم و فرمان جملگی فرمان تست‌‌
  • Body and soul and all I am is thine: the entire authority and command belongs to thee.
  • گر ز درویشی دلم از صبر جست ** بهر خویشم نیست آن بهر تو است‌‌
  • If because of poverty my heart has lost patience, it is not for my own sake, but for thine.
  • تو مرا در دردها بودی دوا ** من نمی‌‌خواهم که باشی بی‌‌نوا
  • Thou hast been my remedy in afflictions: I am unwilling that thou shouldst be penniless.
  • جان تو کز بهر خویشم نیست این ** از برای تستم این ناله و حنین‌‌ 2400
  • By thy soul, this is not for my own sake: this wailing and moaning of mine is on account of thee.
  • خویش من و الله که بهر خویش تو ** هر نفس خواهد که میرد پیش تو
  • (I swear) by God that at every moment my self would fain die for thy self before thee.
  • کاش جانت کش روان من فدی ** از ضمیر جان من واقف بدی‌‌
  • Would that thy soul, to which my soul is devoted, were aware of my soul's inmost thoughts!