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  • این چنین خاصیتی در آدمی است ** مهر حیوان را کم است آن از کمی است‌‌
  • This is characteristic of Man (alone): to the (other) animals love is wanting, and that (want of love) arises from (their) inferiority (to Man).
  • در بیان این خبر که انهن یغلبن العاقل و یغلبهن الجاهل‌‌
  • Explanation of the Tradition, “Verily, they (women) prevail over the wise man, and the ignorant man prevails over them.”
  • گفت پیغمبر که زن بر عاقلان ** غالب آید سخت و بر صاحب دلان‌‌
  • The Prophet said that woman prevails exceedingly over the wise and intelligent,
  • باز بر زن جاهلان چیره شوند ** ز آن که ایشان تند و بس خیره روند
  • (While), on the other hand, ignorant men prevail over woman, because they are fierce and very impudent in their behaviour.
  • کم بودشان رقت و لطف و وداد ** ز آن که حیوانی است غالب بر نهاد 2435
  • They lack tenderness, kindness, and affection, because animality predominates over their (human) nature.
  • مهر و رقت وصف انسانی بود ** خشم و شهوت وصف حیوانی بود
  • Love and tenderness are human qualities, anger and lust are animal qualities.
  • پرتو حق است آن معشوق نیست ** خالق است آن گوییا مخلوق نیست‌‌
  • She (woman) is a ray of God, she is not that (earthly) beloved: she is creative, you might say she is not created.
  • تسلیم کردن مرد خود را به آن چه التماس زن بود از طلب معیشت و آن اعتراض زن را اشارت حق دانستن: بنزد عقل هر داننده‌‌ای هست که با گردنده گرداننده‌‌ای هست‌‌
  • How the man yielded to his wife's request that he should seek the means of livelihood, and regarded her opposition (to him) as a Divine indication. (Verse): To the mind of every knowing man it is a fact that with the revolving object there is one that causes it to revolve.
  • مرد ز آن گفتن پشیمان شد چنان ** کز عوانی ساعت مردن عوان‌‌
  • The man became as sorry for that speech (of his) as at the hour of death a tyrannical officer (is sorry) for his tyranny.
  • گفت خصم جان جان چون آمدم ** بر سر جان من لگدها چون زدم‌‌
  • He said, “How did I become the adversary of (her who is) the life of my soul? How did I bestow kicks on the head of my soul?”
  • چون قضا آید فرو پوشد بصر ** تا نداند عقل ما پا را ز سر 2440
  • When the (Divine) destiny comes, it muffles the sight, so that our intellect cannot distinguish foot from head.
  • چون قضا بگذشت خود را می‌‌خورد ** پرده بدریده گریبان می‌‌درد
  • As soon as the destiny is past, it (the intellect) devours itself (with grief): rending the veil (without regard for appearances), it tears its bosom.