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  • کفر و ایمان عاشق آن کبریا ** مس و نقره بنده‌‌ی آن کیمیا
  • (Both) infidelity and faith are lovers of that Majesty, both copper and silver are slaves to that Elixir.
  • در بیان آن که موسی و فرعون هر دو مسخر مشیت‌‌اند چنان که زهر و پادزهر و ظلمات و نور و مناجات کردن فرعون به خلوت تا ناموس نشکند
  • Explaining that both Moses and Pharaoh are subject to the Divine Will, like poison and antidote and darkness and light, and how Pharaoh conversed in solitude with God, praying that He would not destroy his (good) reputation.
  • موسی و فرعون معنی را رهی ** ظاهر آن ره دارد و این بی‌‌رهی‌‌
  • Moses and Pharaoh were servants (worshippers) of Reality, (though) outwardly the former keeps the way (is rightly guided), while the latter has lost the way.
  • روز موسی پیش حق نالان شده ** نیم شب فرعون گریان آمده‌‌
  • In the daytime Moses was making lament (supplication) to God: at midnight Pharaoh would begin to weep,
  • کاین چه غل است ای خدا بر گردنم ** ور نه غل باشد که گوید من منم‌‌
  • Saying, “O God, what shackle is this on my neck? Were it not for the shackle, who would say ‘I am I’?
  • ز آن که موسی را منور کرده‌‌ای ** مر مرا ز آن هم مکدر کرده‌‌ای‌‌ 2450
  • By that (will) whereby Thou hast made Moses to be illumined, by that (same will) Thou hast made me to be darkened;
  • ز آن که موسی را تو مه رو کرده‌‌ای ** ماه جانم را سیه رو کرده‌‌ای‌‌
  • By that whereby Thou hast made Moses' face like the moon Thou hast made the moon of my soul to be black-faced (eclipsed).
  • بهتر از ماهی نبود استاره‌‌ام ** چون خسوف آمد چه باشد چاره‌‌ام‌‌
  • My star was not better than a moon (so that it should be exempt from eclipse): since it has suffered eclipse, what help have I?
  • نوبتم گر رب و سلطان می‌‌زنند ** مه گرفت و خلق پنگان می‌‌زنند
  • If they beat drums in my honour (proclaiming me) as Lord and Sultan, (’tis like as when) the moon is eclipsed and the people beat bowls (of metal).
  • می‌‌زنند آن طاس و غوغا می‌‌کنند ** ماه را ز آن زخمه رسوا می‌‌کنند
  • They beat those bowls and raise a clamour: they put the moon to shame by their blows.
  • من که فرعونم ز شهرت وای من ** زخم طاس آن ربی الاعلای من‌‌ 2455
  • I, who am Pharaoh, oh, woe is me because of (what is being done by) the people: my (title of) ‘My supreme Lord’ is (like) the blows on the bowl (since it proclaims my eclipse).