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  • تو قیاس از خویش می‌‌گیری و لیک ** دور دور افتاده‌‌ای بنگر تو نیک‌‌
  • You are judging (his actions) from (the analogy of) yourself, but you have fallen far, far (away from the truth). Consider well!
  • حکایت بقال و طوطی و روغن ریختن طوطی در دکان‌‌
  • The story of the greengrocer and the parrot and the parrot's spilling the oil in the shop.
  • بود بقالی و وی را طوطیی ** خوش نوایی سبز و گویا طوطیی‌‌
  • There was a greengrocer who had a parrot, a sweet-voiced green talking parrot.
  • بر دکان بودی نگهبان دکان ** نکته گفتی با همه سوداگران‌‌
  • (Perched) on the bench, it would watch over the shop (in the owner's absence) and talk finely to all the traders.
  • در خطاب آدمی ناطق بدی ** در نوای طوطیان حاذق بدی‌‌
  • In addressing human beings it would speak (like them); it was (also) skilled in the song of parrots.
  • جست از سوی دکان سویی گریخت ** شیشه‌‌های روغن گل را بریخت‌‌ 250
  • (Once) it sprang from the bench and flew away; it spilled the bottles of rose-oil.
  • از سوی خانه بیامد خواجه‌‌اش ** بر دکان بنشست فارغ خواجه‌‌وش‌‌
  • Its master came from the direction of his house and seated himself on the bench at his ease as a merchant does.
  • دید پر روغن دکان و جامه چرب ** بر سرش زد گشت طوطی کل ز ضرب‌‌
  • (Then) he saw the bench was full of oil and his clothes greasy; he smote the parrot on the head: it was made bald by the blow.
  • روزکی چندی سخن کوتاه کرد ** مرد بقال از ندامت آه کرد
  • For some few days it refrained from speech; the greengrocer, in repentance, heaved deep sighs,
  • ریش بر می‌‌کند و می‌‌گفت ای دریغ ** کافتاب نعمتم شد زیر میغ‌‌
  • Tearing his beard and saying, “Alas! the sun of my prosperity has gone under the clouds.
  • دست من بشکسته بودی آن زمان ** که زدم من بر سر آن خوش زبان‌‌ 255
  • Would that my hand had been broken (powerless) at the moment when I struck (such a blow) on the head of that sweet-tongued one?”