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  • آن دگر گفت آسمان با صفا ** کی کشد در خود زمین تیره را
  • Said the other, “How should the pure sky draw the dark earth to itself?
  • بلکه دفعش می‌‌کند از شش جهات ** ز آن بماند اندر میان عاصفات‌‌
  • Nay, it is repelling it (the earth) from (all) six directions: hence it (the earth) remains (suspended) amidst the violent winds (currents).”
  • پس ز دفع خاطر اهل کمال ** جان فرعونان بماند اندر ضلال‌‌
  • (Similarly), then, because of the repulsion exerted by the hearts of the perfect (saints), the spirits of Pharaohs remain in perdition.
  • پس ز دفع این جهان و آن جهان ** مانده‌‌اند این بی‌‌رهان بی‌‌این و آن‌‌ 2490
  • Therefore, through being rejected by this world and by that world, these lost ones have been left without either this or that.
  • سرکشی از بندگان ذو الجلال ** دان که دارند از وجود تو ملال‌‌
  • If you turn away your head from the (holy) servants of the Almighty, know that they are disgusted by your existence.
  • کهربا دارند چون پیدا کنند ** کاه هستی ترا شیدا کنند
  • They possess the amber: when they display it, they make the straw of your existence frenzied (with desire for it).
  • کهربای خویش چون پنهان کنند ** زود تسلیم ترا طغیان کنند
  • When they conceal their amber, they quickly make your submission (to God) rebellion (against Him).
  • آن چنان که مرتبه‌‌ی حیوانی است ** کاو اسیر و سغبه‌‌ی انسانی است‌‌
  • That (position which you hold in relation to them) is like the stage of animality, which is captive and subject to (the stage of) humanity.
  • مرتبه‌‌ی انسان به دست اولیا ** سغبه چون حیوان شناسش ای کیا 2495
  • Know that the stage of humanity is subject to the power of the saints as the animal (is subject to man), O master.
  • بنده‌‌ی خود خواند احمد در رشاد ** جمله عالم را بخوان قل یا عباد
  • Ahmad (Mohammed) in righteousness called (the people of) the whole world his servants: read (the text), “Say, O My servants.”