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  • ابلهان گفتند مردی بیش نیست ** وای آن کاو عاقبت اندیش نیست‌‌
  • The foolish said, “He is a man, nothing more”: woe to him that recks not of the end!
  • حقیر و بی‌‌خصم دیدن دیده‌‌های حس صالح و ناقه‌‌ی صالح را، چون خواهد که حق لشکری را هلاک کند در نظر ایشان حقیر نماید خصمان را و اندک اگر چه غالب باشد آن خصم و يقللکم فی أعينهم ليقضي الله أمرا کان مفعولا
  • How the eyes of (external) sense regarded Sálih and his she-camel as despicable and without a champion; (for) when God is about to destroy an army He makes their adversaries appear despicable and few in their sight, even though the adversary be superior in strength: “and He was making you few in their eyes, that God might bring to pass a thing that was to be done.”
  • ناقه‌‌ی صالح به صورت بد شتر ** پی بریدندش ز جهل آن قوم مر
  • The she-camel of Sálih was in (outward) form a camel: that bitter (graceless) tribe hamstrung (and slaughtered) her in their folly.
  • از برای آب چون خصمش شدند ** نان کور و آب کور ایشان بدند 2510
  • When they became her foes on account of the water (which she shared with them), they were blind to bread and blind to water (ungrateful for the blessings of God).
  • ناقة الله آب خورد از جوی و میغ ** آب حق را داشتند از حق دریغ‌‌
  • God's she-camel drank water from brook and cloud: they (really) withheld God's water from God.
  • ناقه‌‌ی صالح چو جسم صالحان ** شد کمینی در هلاک طالحان‌‌
  • The she-camel of Sálih became, like the bodies of righteous men, an ambush for the destruction of the wicked,
  • تا بر آن امت ز حکم مرگ و درد ** ناقة الله و سقیاها چه کرد
  • That (you may see) what (the Divine command), Let God's she-camel have her portion of water, wrought against that people, through the ordainment of death and woe.
  • شحنه‌‌ی قهر خدا ز یشان بجست ** خونبهای اشتری شهری درست‌‌
  • The vengeance, which is God's minister, demanded from them an entire town as the blood-price of a single camel.
  • روح همچون صالح و تن ناقه است ** روح اندر وصل و تن در فاقه است‌‌ 2515
  • The spirit is like Sálih, and the body is the she-camel: the spirit is in union (with God), the body in want (distress).
  • روح صالح قابل آفات نیست ** زخم بر ناقه بود بر ذات نیست‌‌
  • The Sálih-spirit is not susceptible to afflictions: the blows fall on the camel (body), not on the essence (spirit).
  • کس نیابد بر دل ایشان ظفر ** بر صدف آمد ضرر نی بر گهر
  • No one gains victory over their (the saints') hearts: harm comes (only) to the oyster-shell, not to the pearl.