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  • ز آن تعلق کرد با جسمی اله ** تا که گردد جمله عالم را پناه‌‌
  • God became connected with a body, in order that he (the prophet or saint) might become a refuge for the whole world.
  • ناقه‌‌ی جسم ولی را بنده باش ** تا شوی با روح صالح خواجه‌‌تاش‌‌
  • Be a slave to the camel, which is the saint's body, that you may become the fellow servant of the Sálih-spirit.
  • گفت صالح چون که کردید این حسد ** بعد سه روز از خدا نقمت رسد
  • Sálih said (to the people of Thamúd), “Inasmuch as ye have shown this envy, after three days the punishment will arrive from God.
  • بعد سه روز دگر از جان ستان ** آفتی آید که دارد سه نشان‌‌
  • After three more days there will come from the Taker of life a calamity that hath three signs.
  • رنگ روی جمله تان گردد دگر ** رنگ رنگ مختلف اندر نظر 2525
  • The colour of all your faces will be changed, (they will be of) colours different to look at.
  • روز اول رویتان چون زعفران ** در دوم رو سرخ همچون ارغوان‌‌
  • On the first day your faces will be like saffron, on the second your faces will be red like arghawán (flowers of the Judas-tree).
  • در سوم گردد همه روها سیاه ** بعد از آن اندر رسد قهر اله‌‌
  • On the third, all your faces will become black: after that, the vengeance of God will arrive.
  • گر نشان خواهید از من زین وعید ** کره‌‌ی ناقه به سوی که دوید
  • If ye desire from me the sign of this threatened chastisement, the she-camel's foal has run towards the mountains:
  • گر توانیدش گرفتن چاره هست ** ور نه خود مرغ امید از دام جست‌‌
  • If ye can catch him, there is help (for you); else the bird of hope hath surely escaped from the snare.”
  • کس نتانست اندر آن کره رسید ** رفت در کهسارها شد ناپدید 2530
  • None was able to overtake the foal: he went into the mountains and vanished.