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  • گر توانیدش گرفتن چاره هست ** ور نه خود مرغ امید از دام جست‌‌
  • If ye can catch him, there is help (for you); else the bird of hope hath surely escaped from the snare.”
  • کس نتانست اندر آن کره رسید ** رفت در کهسارها شد ناپدید 2530
  • None was able to overtake the foal: he went into the mountains and vanished.
  • گفت دیدید آن قضا مبرم شده ست ** صورت اومید را گردن زده ست‌‌
  • Sálih said, “Ye see, the (Divine) destiny has been divulged and has beheaded the phantom of your hope.”
  • کره‌‌ی ناقه چه باشد خاطرش ** که بجا آرید ز احسان و برش‌‌
  • What is the she-camel's foal? His (the saint's) heart, which ye may bring back to its place (win again) by means of well-doing and piety.
  • گر بجا آید دلش رستید از آن ** ور نه نومیدید و ساعد را گزان‌‌
  • If his heart comes back (is reconciled), ye are saved from that (Divine punishment); otherwise ye are despairing and biting your fore-arms (in remorse).
  • چون شنیدند این وعید منکدر ** چشم بنهادند و آن را منتظر
  • When they heard this dark threat, they cast down their eyes and waited for it (to be fulfilled).
  • روز اول روی خود دیدند زرد ** می‌‌زدند از ناامیدی آه سرد 2535
  • On the first day they saw their faces yellow: from despair they were sighing heavily.
  • سرخ شد روی همه روز دوم ** نوبت اومید و توبه گشت گم‌‌
  • On the second day the faces of all became red: the time for hope and repentance was (irretrievably) lost.
  • شد سیه روز سوم روی همه ** حکم صالح راست شد بی‌‌ملحمه‌‌
  • On the third day all their faces became black: the prediction of Sálih came true without (possibility of) dispute.
  • چون همه در ناامیدی سر زدند ** همچو مرغان در دو زانو آمدند
  • When they all gave themselves up to despair, they fell on their knees, like (crouching) birds.