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  • و آن دگر را در گلو پیدا کند ** و آن دگر را در بدن رسوا کند
  • And to another it will declare (itself) in his throat, while to another it will unmask in his body;
  • و آن دگر را در حدث سوزش دهد ** ذوق آن زخم جگر دوزش دهد
  • And to another it will give burning pain in evacuation: its taste will deal him a blow that pierces his liver.
  • و آن دگر را بعد ایام و شهور ** و آن دگر را بعد مرگ از قعر گور
  • And to another (it will become manifest) after days and months; and to another after death, from the depth of the grave;
  • ور دهندش مهلت اندر قعر گور ** لا بد آن پیدا شود یوم النشور 2590
  • And if he be given a respite in the depth of the grave, (then) it will inevitably become manifest on the Day of Resurrection.
  • هر نبات و شکری را در جهان ** مهلتی پیداست از دور زمان‌‌
  • Every piece of candy and sugar (desirable thing) in the world manifestly has a period granted to it from the revolution of Time.
  • سالها باید که اندر آفتاب ** لعل یابد رنگ و رخشانی و تاب‌‌
  • Years are needed in order that the ruby in (exposed to the rays of) the sun may obtain (the perfect) tint and splendour and brilliance.
  • باز تره در دو ماه اندر رسد ** باز تا سالی گل احمر رسد
  • Vegetables, again, reach maturity in two months, while the red rose comes to perfection in a year.
  • بهر این فرمود حق عز و جل ** سوره الانعام در ذکر اجل‌‌
  • For this reason the Almighty and Glorious God in the Súratu ’l-An‘ám has made mention of an appointed term (ajal).
  • این شنیدی مو به مویت گوش باد ** آب حیوان است خوردی نوش باد 2595
  • You have heard this (discourse): may the whole of you, hair by hair, be an ear (to receive it)! ’Tis the Water of Life: (if) you have drunk, may it do you good!
  • آب حیوان خوان مخوان این را سخن ** روح نو بین در تن حرف کهن‌‌
  • Call it the Water of Life, call it not a discourse: behold the new spirit in the body of the old letter!