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  • زن همی‌‌خواهد هویج خانگاه ** یعنی آب رو و نان و خوان و جاه‌‌ 2620
  • The wife is craving requisites for the household, that is to say, reputation and bread and viands and rank.
  • نفس همچون زن پی چاره‌‌گری ** گاه خاکی گاه جوید سروری‌‌
  • Like the wife, the flesh, in order to contrive the means (of gratifying its desires), is at one time seeking (having recourse to) humility and at another time to domination.
  • عقل خود زین فکرها آگاه نیست ** در دماغش جز غم الله نیست‌‌
  • The reason is really unconscious of these (worldly) thoughts: in its brain is nothing but love of God.
  • گر چه سر قصه این دانه ست و دام ** صورت قصه شنو اکنون تمام‌‌
  • Although the inner meaning of the tale is this bait and trap, listen now to the outward form of the tale in its entirety.
  • گر بیان معنوی کافی شدی ** خلق عالم عاطل و باطل بدی‌‌
  • If the spiritual explanation were sufficient, the creation of the world would have been vain and idle.
  • گر محبت فکرت و معنیستی ** صورت روزه و نمازت نیستی‌‌ 2625
  • If love were (only spiritual) thought and reality, the form of your fasting and prayer would be non-existent.
  • هدیه‌‌های دوستان با همدیگر ** نیست اندر دوستی الا صور
  • The gifts of lovers to one another are, in respect of love, naught but forms;
  • تا گواهی داده باشد هدیه‌‌ها ** بر محبتهای مضمر در حفا
  • (But the purpose is) that the gifts may have borne testimony to feelings of love which are concealed in secrecy,
  • ز آن که احسانهای ظاهر شاهدند ** بر محبتهای سر ای ارجمند
  • Because outward acts of kindness bear witness to feelings of love in the heart, O dear friend.
  • شاهدت گه راست باشد گه دروغ ** مست گاهی از می و گاهی ز دوغ‌‌
  • Your witness is sometimes true, sometimes false, sometimes drunken with wine, sometimes with sour curds.