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  • ترک ماهیات و خاصیات گو ** شرح کن احوال آن دو ماهرو
  • (Let me) take leave of quiddities and essential properties, and relate what happened to those twain with faces like the moon.
  • دل نهادن عرب بر التماس دل بر خویش و سوگند خوردن که در این تسلیم مرا حیلتی و امتحانی نیست‌‌
  • How the Arab set his heart on (complying with) his beloved's request and swore that in thus submitting (to her) he had no (idea of) trickery and making trial (of her).
  • مرد گفت اکنون گذشتم از خلاف ** حکم داری تیغ بر کش از غلاف‌‌
  • The man said, “Now I have ceased to oppose (thee): thou hast authority (to do what thou wilt): draw the sword from the sheath.
  • هر چه گویی من ترا فرمان‌‌برم ** در بد و نیک آمد آن ننگرم‌‌
  • Whatsoever thou biddest me do, I will obey: I will not consider the bad or good result of it.
  • در وجود تو شوم من منعدم ** چون محبم حب یعمی و یصم‌‌ 2645
  • I will become non-existent in thy existence, because I am thy lover: love makes blind and deaf.”
  • گفت زن آهنگ برم می‌‌کنی ** یا به حیلت کشف سرم می‌‌کنی‌‌
  • The wife said, “Dost thou intend to treat me with kindness, or art thou (bent on) discovering my secret by trickery?”
  • گفت و الله عالم السر الخفی ** کافرید از خاک آدم را صفی‌‌
  • He said, “(No), by God who knows the thought most deeply hid, who out of dust created Adam pure (chosen above all),
  • دو سه گز قالب که دادش وانمود ** هر چه در الواح و در ارواح بود
  • Who, in the body three cubits long which He gave him, displayed everything that was contained in the tablets (of destiny) and the (world of) spirits.
  • تا ابد هر چه بود او پیش پیش ** درس کرد از علم الاسماء خویش‌‌
  • Through his He (God) taught him (Adam) the Names (through his God-given knowledge) he at the very first gave instruction (to the angels) concerning everything that shall come to pass unto everlasting,
  • تا ملک بی‌‌خود شد از تدریس او ** قدس دیگر یافت از تقدیس او 2650
  • So that the angels became beside themselves (in amazement) at his teaching, and gained from his glorification (of God) a holiness other (than they possessed before).
  • آن گشادی‌‌شان کز آدم رو نمود ** در گشاد آسمانهاشان نبود
  • The revelation that appeared to them from Adam was not (contained) in the amplitude of their heavens.