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  • صدق می‌‌خواهد گواه حال او ** تا بتابد نور او بی‌‌قال او
  • He requires truth (veracity) as witness to his (the indigent man's) state, so that his (inner) light shall shine forth (and proclaim his indigence) without any words of his.”
  • هدیه بردن عرب سبوی آب باران از میان بادیه سوی بغداد به نزد خلیفه بر پنداشت آن که آن جا هم قحط آب است‌‌
  • How the Arab carried a jug of rain-water from the midst of the desert as a gift to the Commander of the Faithful at Baghdád, in the belief that in that town also there was a scarcity of water.
  • گفت زن صدق آن بود کز بود خویش ** پاک برخیزی تو از مجهود خویش‌‌
  • The wife said, “When with all thy might thou dost (endeavour to) rise up entirely purged of self-existence—that is veracity.
  • آب باران است ما را در سبو ** ملکت و سرمایه و اسباب تو
  • We have the rain-water in the jug: ’tis thy property and capital and means.
  • این سبوی آب را بردار و رو ** هدیه ساز و پیش شاهنشاه شو 2705
  • Take this jug of water and depart, make it a gift and go into the presence of the King of kings.
  • گو که ما را غیر این اسباب نیست ** در مفازه هیچ به زین آب نیست‌‌
  • Say, ‘We have no means except this: in the desert there is nothing better than this water.’
  • گر خزینه‌‌ش پر متاع فاخر است ** این چنین آبش نباشد نادر است‌‌
  • If his treasury is full of splendid merchandise, (yet) he will have no water like this: ’tis rare.”
  • چیست آن کوزه تن محصور ما ** اندر او آب حواس شور ما
  • What is that jug? Our confined body: within it is the briny water of our senses.
  • ای خداوند این خم و کوزه‌‌ی مرا ** در پذیر از فضل الله اشتری‌‌
  • O Lord, accept this jar and jug of mine by the grace of “God hath purchased (from the believers their lives and wealth in return for Paradise).”
  • کوزه‌‌ای با پنج لوله‌‌ی پنج حس ** پاک دار این آب را از هر نجس‌‌ 2710
  • (’Tis) a jug with five spouts, the five senses: keep this water pure (and safe) from every filth,
  • تا شود زین کوزه منفذ سوی بحر ** تا بگیرد کوزه‌‌ی من خوی بحر
  • That there may be from this jug a passage to the sea, and that my jug may assume the nature of the sea,