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  • ماهی خاکی بود درویش نان ** شکل ماهی لیک از دریا رمان‌‌
  • The dervish that wants bread is a land-fish: (he has) the form of a fish, but (he is) fleeing from the sea.
  • مرغ خانه ست او نه سیمرغ هوا ** لوت نوشد او ننوشد از خدا 2755
  • He is a domestic fowl, not the Símurgh of the air: he swallows sweet morsels (of food), he does not eat from God.
  • عاشق حق است او بهر نوال ** نیست جانش عاشق حسن و جمال‌‌
  • He loves God for the sake of gain: his soul is not in love with (God's) excellence and beauty.
  • گر توهم می‌‌کند او عشق ذات ** ذات نبود وهم اسما و صفات‌‌
  • If he conceives that he is in love with the Essence (of God), conception of the (Divine) names and attributes is not the Essence.
  • وهم مخلوق است و مولود آمده ست ** حق نزاییده ست او لم یولد است‌‌
  • Conception is created; it has been begotten: God is not begotten, He is lam yúlad.
  • عاشق تصویر و وهم خویشتن ** کی بود از عاشقان ذو المنن‌‌
  • How should he that is in love with his own imagination and conception be one of them that love the Lord of bounties?
  • عاشق آن وهم اگر صادق بود ** آن مجاز او حقیقت کش شود 2760
  • If the lover of that (false) conception be sincere, that metaphor (unreal judgement) will lead him to the reality.
  • شرح می‌‌خواهد بیان این سخن ** لیک می‌‌ترسم ز افهام کهن‌‌
  • The exposition of this saying demands a commentary, but I am afraid of senile (feeble) minds.
  • فهم‌‌های کهنه‌‌ی کوته نظر ** صد خیال بد در آرد در فکر
  • Senile and short-sighted minds bring a hundred evil fancies into their thoughts.
  • بر سماع راست هر کس چیر نیست ** لقمه‌‌ی هر مرغکی انجیر نیست‌‌
  • Not every one is able to hear rightly: the fig is not a morsel for every little bird,