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  • زین عصا تا آن عصا فرقی است ژرف ** زین عمل تا آن عمل راهی شگرف‌‌
  • (But) between this rod and that rod there is a vast difference; from this action (magic) to that action (miracle) is a great way.
  • لعنة الله این عمل را در قفا ** رحمه الله آن عمل را در وفا 280
  • This action is followed by the curse of God, (while) that action receives in payment the mercy (blessing) of God.
  • کافران اندر مری بوزینه طبع ** آفتی آمد درون سینه طبع‌‌
  • The infidels in contending (for equality with the prophets and saints) have the nature of an ape: the (evil) nature is a canker within the breast.
  • هر چه مردم می‌‌کند بوزینه هم ** آن کند کز مرد بیند دم‌‌به‌‌دم‌‌
  • Whatever a man does, the ape at every moment does the same thing that he sees done by the man.
  • او گمان برده که من کژدم چو او ** فرق را کی داند آن استیزه رو
  • He thinks, “I have acted like him”: how should that quarrelsome-looking one know the difference?
  • این کند از امر و او بهر ستیز ** بر سر استیزه رویان خاک ریز
  • This one (the holy man) acts by the command (of God), and he (the apish imitator) for the sake of quarrelling (rivalry). Pour dust on the heads of those who have quarrelsome faces!
  • آن منافق با موافق در نماز ** از پی استیزه آید نی نیاز 285
  • That (religious) hypocrite joins in ritual prayer with the (sincere) conformist (only) for quarrelling's sake, not for supplication.
  • در نماز و روزه و حج و زکات ** با منافق مومنان در برد و مات‌‌
  • In prayer and fasting and pilgrimage and alms-giving the true believers are (engaged) with the hypocrite in (what brings) victory and defeat.
  • مومنان را برد باشد عاقبت ** بر منافق مات اندر آخرت‌‌
  • Victory in the end is to the true believers; upon the hypocrite (falls) defeat in the state hereafter.
  • گر چه هر دو بر سر یک بازی‌‌اند ** هر دو با هم مروزی و رازی‌‌اند
  • Although both are intent on one game, in relation to each other they are (as far apart as) the man of Merv and the man of Rayy.