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  • بلکه از دجله چو واقف آمدی ** آن سبو را بر سر سنگی زدی‌‌
  • Nay, had he been aware of the Tigris, he would have dashed that jug against a stone.
  • قبول کردن خلیفه هدیه را و عطا فرمودن با کمال بی‌‌نیازی از آن هدیه و از آن سبو
  • How the Caliph accepted the gift and bestowed largesse, notwithstanding that he was entirely without need of the gift (the water) and the jug.
  • چون خلیفه دید و احوالش شنید ** آن سبو را پر ز زر کرد و مزید
  • When the Caliph saw (the gift) and heard his story, he filled the jug with gold and added (other presents).
  • آن عرب را کرد از فاقه خلاص ** داد بخششها و خلعتهای خاص‌‌
  • He delivered the Arab from penury, he bestowed donations and special robes of honour,
  • کاین سبو پر زر به دست او دهید ** چون که واگردد سوی دجله‌‌ش برید 2855
  • Saying, “Give into his hand this jug full of gold. When he returns (home), take him to the Tigris.
  • از ره خشک آمده ست و از سفر ** از ره آبش بود نزدیکتر
  • He has come (hither) by way of the desert and by travelling (on land): it will be nearer for him (to return) by way of the Tigris.”
  • چون به کشتی درنشست و دجله دید ** سجده می‌‌کرد از حیا و می‌‌خمید
  • When he (the Arab) embarked in the boat and beheld the Tigris, he was prostrating himself in shame and bowing (his head),
  • کای عجب لطف این شه وهاب را ** وین عجبتر کو ستد آن آب را
  • Saying, “Oh, wonderful is the kindness of this bounteous King, and ’tis (even) more wonderful that he took that water.
  • چون پذیرفت از من آن دریای جود ** آن چنان نقد دغل را زود زود
  • How did that Sea of munificence so quickly accept from me such spurious coin as that?”
  • کل عالم را سبو دان ای پسر ** کاو بود از علم و خوبی تا به سر 2860
  • Know, O son, that everything in the universe is a jug which is (filled) to the brim with wisdom and beauty.
  • قطره‌‌ای از دجله‌‌ی خوبی اوست ** کان نمی‌‌گنجد ز پری زیر پوست‌‌
  • It (everything in the universe) is a drop of the Tigris of His beauty, which (beauty) because of its fullness is not contained under the skin (that should enclose it).