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  • خود جهان آن یک کس است او ابله است ** هر ستاره بر فلک جزو مه است‌‌
  • Truly that One Person is (essentially) the (whole) world: he is unaware of evil (does not know evil as such). Every star in the sky is part of the Moon.
  • پس همی‌‌گویند هر نقش و نگار ** مژده مژده نک همی‌‌آید بهار
  • Therefore every fair form and shape (in the world) is crying, “Good news! good news! Lo, here comes the Spring.”
  • تا بود تابان شکوفه چون زره ** کی کند آن میوه‌‌ها پیدا گره‌‌
  • So long as the blossom is shining like a coat of mail, how should the fruits display their knobs?
  • چون شکوفه ریخت میوه سر کند ** چون که تن بشکست جان سر بر زند
  • When the blossom is shed, the fruit comes to a head: when the body is shattered, the spirit lifts up its head.
  • میوه معنی و شکوفه صورتش ** آن شکوفه مژده میوه نعمتش‌‌ 2930
  • The fruit is the reality, the blossom is its form: the blossom is the good news, the fruit is the bounty (given as a reward) for it.
  • چون شکوفه ریخت میوه شد پدید ** چون که آن کم شد شد این اندر مزید
  • When the blossom was shed, the fruit became visible: when that diminished this began to increase.
  • تا که نان نشکست قوت کی دهد ** ناشکسته خوشه‌‌ها کی می‌‌دهد
  • How should bread give strength until it is broken? How should uncrushed clusters (of grapes) yield wine?
  • تا هلیله نشکند با ادویه ** کی شود خود صحت افزا ادویه‌‌
  • Unless myrobalan is pounded up with medicines, how should the medicines by themselves become health-increasing (act as tonics)?
  • در صفت پیر و مطاوعت وی‌‌
  • Concerning the qualities of the Pír (Spiritual Guide) and (the duty of) obedience to him.
  • ای ضیاء الحق حسام الدین بگیر ** یک دو کاغذ بر فزا در وصف پیر
  • O Splendour of the Truth, Husámu’ddín, take one or two sheets of paper and add (them to the poem) in description of the Pír.
  • گر چه جسم نازکت را زور نیست ** لیک بی‌‌خورشید ما را نور نیست‌‌ 2935
  • Although thy slender body hath no strength, yet without the sun (of thy spirit) we have no light.