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  • خیره شد دلاک و بس حیران بماند ** تا به دیر انگشت در دندان بماند
  • The barber became distraught and then remained in bewilderment: he stood for a long time with his fingers in his teeth;
  • بر زمین زد سوزن از خشم اوستاد ** گفت در عالم کسی را این فتاد 3000
  • The master angrily flung the needle to the ground and said, “Has this happened to any one in the world?
  • شیر بی‌‌دم و سر و اشکم که دید ** این چنین شیری خدا خود نافرید
  • Who (ever) saw a lion without tail and head and belly? God himself did not create a lion like this.”
  • ای برادر صبر کن بر درد نیش ** تا رهی از نیش نفس گبر خویش‌‌
  • O brother, endure the pain of the lancet, that you may escape from the poison of your miscreant self (nafs),
  • کان گروهی که رهیدند از وجود ** چرخ و مهر و ماهشان آرد سجود
  • For sky and sun and moon bow in worship to the people who have escaped from self existence.
  • هر که مرد اندر تن او نفس گبر ** مر و را فرمان برد خورشید و ابر
  • Any one in whose body the miscreant self has died, sun and cloud obey his command.
  • چون دلش آموخت شمع افروختن ** آفتاب او را نیارد سوختن‌‌ 3005
  • Since his heart has learned to light the candle (of spiritual knowledge and love), the sun cannot burn him.
  • گفت حق در آفتاب منتجم ** ذکر تزاور کذا عن کهفهم‌‌
  • God hath made mention of the rising sun as turning aside— like that—from their cave.
  • خار جمله لطف چون گل می‌‌شود ** پیش جزوی کاو سوی کل می‌‌رود
  • The thorn becomes entirely beautiful, like the rose, in the sight of the particular that is going towards the Universal.
  • چیست تعظیم خدا افراشتن ** خویشتن را خوار و خاکی داشتن‌‌
  • What is (the meaning of) to exalt and glorify God? To deem yourself despicable and (worthless) as dust.