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  • می‌‌رود بی‌‌بانگ و بی‌‌تکرارها ** تحتها الأنهار تا گلزارها
  • It is moving without noise and without repetitions (of sound) to the rose-gardens beneath which are the rivers.
  • ای خدا جان را تو بنما آن مقام ** کاندر او بی‌‌حرف می‌‌روید کلام‌‌
  • O God, do Thou reveal to the soul that place where speech is growing without letters,
  • تا که سازد جان پاک از سر قدم ** سوی عرصه‌‌ی دور پهنای عدم‌‌
  • That the pure soul may make of its head a foot (fly headlong) towards the far stretching expanse of non-existence—
  • عرصه‌‌ای بس با گشاد و با فضا ** وین خیال و هست یابد زو نوا
  • An expanse very ample and spacious; and from it this phantasy and being (of ours) is fed.
  • تنگتر آمد خیالات از عدم ** ز آن سبب باشد خیال اسباب غم‌‌ 3095
  • (The realm of) phantasies is narrower than non-existence (potential existence): on that account phantasy is the cause of pain.
  • باز هستی تنگتر بود از خیال ** ز آن شود در وی قمر همچون هلال‌‌
  • (The realm of actual) existence, again, was (ever) narrower than (the realm of) phantasy: hence in it the moon become like the moon that has waned.
  • باز هستی جهان حس و رنگ ** تنگتر آمد که زندانی است تنگ‌‌
  • Again, the existence of the world of sense and colour is narrower (than this), for ’tis a narrow prison.
  • علت تنگی است ترکیب و عدد ** جانب ترکیب حسها می‌‌کشد
  • The cause of narrowness is composition (compoundness) and number (plurality): the senses are moving towards composition.
  • ز آن سوی حس عالم توحید دان ** گر یکی خواهی بدان جانب بران‌‌
  • Know that the world of Unification lies beyond sense: if you want Unity, march in that direction.
  • امر کن یک فعل بود و نون و کاف ** در سخن افتاد و معنی بود صاف‌‌ 3100
  • The (Divine) Command KuN (Be) was a single act, and the (two letters) N and K occurred (only) in speech, while the (inward) meaning was pure (uncompounded).