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  • گه چنین بنماید و گه ضد این ** جز که حیرانی نباشد کار دین‌‌
  • Sometimes it (the action of God) appears like this and sometimes the contrary of this: the work of religion is naught but bewilderment.
  • نی چنان حیران که پشتش سوی اوست ** بل چنین حیران و غرق و مست دوست‌‌
  • (I mean) not one bewildered in such wise that his back is (turned) towards Him; nay, but one bewildered (with ecstasy) like this and drowned (in God) and intoxicated with the Beloved.
  • آن یکی را روی او شد سوی دوست ** و آن یکی را روی او خود روی دوست‌‌
  • The face of the one is set towards the Beloved, (while) the face of the other is just his own face (he is facing himself).
  • روی هر یک می‌‌نگر می‌‌دار پاس ** بو که گردی تو ز خدمت رو شناس‌‌ 315
  • Look long on the face of every one, keep watch attentively: it may be that by doing service (to Súfís) you will come to know the face (of the true saint).
  • چون بسی ابلیس آدم روی هست ** پس به هر دستی نشاید داد دست‌‌
  • Since there is many a devil who hath the face of Adam, it is not well to give your hand to every hand,
  • ز انکه صیاد آورد بانگ صفیر ** تا فریبد مرغ را آن مرغ گیر
  • Because the fowler produces a whistling sound in order to decoy the bird,
  • بشنود آن مرغ بانگ جنس خویش ** از هوا آید بیابد دام و نیش‌‌
  • (So that) the bird may hear the note of its congener and come down from the air and find trap and knife-point.
  • حرف درویشان بدزدد مرد دون ** تا بخواند بر سلیمی ز ان فسون‌‌
  • The vile man will steal the language of dervishes, that he may thereby chant a spell over (fascinate and deceive) one who is simple.
  • کار مردان روشنی و گرمی است ** کار دونان حیله و بی‌‌شرمی است‌‌ 320
  • The work of (holy) men is (as) light and heat; the work of vile men is trickery and shamelessness.
  • شیر پشمین از برای کد کنند ** بو مسیلم را لقب احمد کنند
  • They make a woollen lion for the purpose of begging; they give the title of Ahmad (Mohammed) to Bú Musaylim;