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  • عاشق آیینه باشد روی خوب ** صیقل جان آمد و تقوی القلوب‌‌
  • The beauteous face is in love with the mirror: it (such a face) is a polisher of the soul and (a kindler) of the fear of God in (men's) hearts.
  • آمدن مهمان پیش یوسف علیه السلام و تقاضا کردن یوسف از او تحفه و ارمغان‌‌
  • How the guest came to Joseph, on whom be peace, and how Joseph demanded of him a gift and present on his return from abroad.
  • آمد از آفاق یار مهربان ** یوسف صدیق را شد میهمان‌‌
  • The loving friend came from the ends of the earth and became the guest of Joseph the truthful,
  • کآشنا بودند وقت کودکی ** بر وساده‌‌ی آشنایی متکی‌‌
  • For they had been well acquainted in childhood, reclining (together) on the pillow of acquaintance.
  • یاد دادش جور اخوان و حسد ** گفت کان زنجیر بود و ما اسد
  • He spoke to him (Joseph) of the injustice and envy of his brethren: Joseph said, “That was (like) a chain, and I was the lion.
  • عار نبود شیر را از سلسله ** نیست ما را از قضای حق گله‌‌ 3160
  • The lion is not disgraced by the chain: I do not complain of God's destiny.
  • شیر را بر گردن ار زنجیر بود ** بر همه زنجیر سازان میر بود
  • If the lion had a chain on his neck, (yet) he was prince over all the chain-makers.”
  • گفت چون بودی ز زندان و ز چاه ** گفت همچون در محاق و کاست ماه‌‌
  • He asked, “How wert thou in regard to the prison and the well?” “Like the moon,” said Joseph, “in the interlunar period (when she is) on the wane.”
  • در محاق ار ماه نو گردد دو تا ** نی در آخر بدر گردد بر سما
  • If in that period the new moon is bent double, does not she at last become the full moon in the sky?
  • گر چه دردانه به هاون کوفتند ** نور چشم و دل شد و بیند بلند
  • Though the seed-pearl is pounded in the mortar, it becomes the light of eye and heart and looks aloft.
  • گندمی را زیر خاک انداختند ** پس ز خاکش خوشه‌‌ها بر ساختند 3165
  • They cast a grain of wheat under earth, then from its earth they raised up ears of corn;